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PulkoMandy of the Haiku operating systems reported that he has successfully added HTML5 video support to WebPositive (the default Haiku web browser) as part of his ongoing contract work. The report on the Haiku website gives some more details about the work that went into getting HTML5 video to work.

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Not yet in Nightly Build
by codewrangler on Mon 7th Apr 2014 18:01 UTC
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For those that want to rush out and try it, the HTML5 stuff is not yet rolled into the nightly build (as of hrev47099)....I'm guessing pulkomandy will push some of this, in the weeks to follow.

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Comment by mrAmiga500
by mrAmiga500 on Mon 7th Apr 2014 19:00 UTC
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I had to check my calendar. For a minute there, I thought I was back in 2009.

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by No it isnt on Mon 7th Apr 2014 19:29 UTC in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Back in 2009, mrAmiga500?

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by Drumhellar on Mon 7th Apr 2014 19:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Mighty big talk from somebody who's handle is a different, nearly-dead platform.

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by Ultimatebadass on Mon 7th Apr 2014 20:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Comments like that are what "+1 Funny" was made for ;)

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Comment by v_bobok
by v_bobok on Mon 7th Apr 2014 19:50 UTC
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Nice progress, glad to see the money went somewhere after all. Slow but steady.

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AmigaOne 500 version
by djrikki on Mon 7th Apr 2014 20:27 UTC
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Let's throw this one into the mix as well shall we. AmigaOS HTML5 version with Video support released 2 weeks+ earlier than this Haiku news item :-;

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RE: AmigaOne 500 version
by codewrangler on Tue 8th Apr 2014 00:27 UTC in reply to "AmigaOne 500 version"
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Good for Amiga, but I'm really not sure what that has to do with Haiku OS...

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Haiku WebPositive
by SonicMetalMan on Mon 7th Apr 2014 21:45 UTC
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Great news from my favorite OS project! I still have high hopes and a soft spot for Haiku though I know it will never garner the glory that BeOS had in the day.

THIS is the kind of info I like to see in OSnews.

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great news
by JPisini on Tue 8th Apr 2014 19:05 UTC
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I am really looking forward to a version 1 for Haiku

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