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Graphics, User Interfaces As Google’s new “material” design language evolves, it’s very clearly heading in a different direction than iOS. Talking about flatness is simply too superficial to be a useful discussion. Superficially, iOS and Android seemingly converged toward flatness (and Windows Phone, of course, was there already), but once you get past those surface similarities, all three mobile platforms are evolving in noticeably different ways.
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Misleading title
by shadowhand on Wed 5th Nov 2014 20:16 UTC
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The title of the article is misleading, at best. It really has nothing to do with aesthetic at all, but mostly just Gruber ranting about how Google isn't conforming to Apple, then going on a tangent about web vs native apps.

As usual when reading Gruber's posts, I feel nothing, except slightly trolled.

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What was the point?
by Fergy on Wed 5th Nov 2014 22:53 UTC
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There was a lot of complaining about Google not conforming to Apples standards. But I couldn't find a real point unless complaining was the point.
Why do people read his stuff?

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RE: What was the point?
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 5th Nov 2014 23:03 UTC in reply to "What was the point?"
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Kind of odd too considering how quicktime, Itunes, and Safari have never followed windows conventions.

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