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Apple today in California officially announced the "iPhone Xs" and "iPhone Xs Max", the latest iPhone models coming this year. The company confirmed that both models will come in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold color options, with Gold being the new addition to the iPhone Xs lineup this year.

The iPhone Xs models have the same design as the iPhone X from 2017, with an edge-to-edge OLED display, greatly reduced bezels, and a "notch" that houses the front-facing TrueDepth Camera system. The iPhone Xs is the direct iPhone X successor and measures in at 5.8 inches, while the XS Max is Apple's biggest iPhone yet at 6.5 inches.

Even by "S" standards, this is a relatively small update to the top-tier iPhone, but as an iPhone X user I can say that's honestly perfectly fine - the X is simply still one of the best phones on the market today. Apple also unveiled the iPhone Xr, a cheaper version of the same iPhone X design, which sports an LCD display instead of OLED, and comes in a variety of colours.

Lastly, Apple also released the Apple Watch Series 4, which is a bigger update. It has a much larger display than the Series 3, it's noticeably thinner, and comes with a electrocardiogram functionality and other FDA-approved heartrate functions. They also come with a processor that supposedly makes them twice as fast. A nice upgrade for sure.

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by Moochman on Wed 12th Sep 2018 20:04 UTC
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The only phone I would really have been interested in was the lower-priced XR, but seeing as it's got a glass back and a starting price of $749 it's hardly the 5c-replacement everyman-phone I was hoping for. Let me know when Apple releases some more sturdy and affordable options for people who don't buy into "luxury" BS.

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RE: Meh
by darknexus on Wed 12th Sep 2018 20:25 UTC in reply to "Meh"
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Looks like the 7 will be the new 5C or SE, starting at $449 according to Apple. They're keeping all the current line-ups at varying price points. Kind of an odd move given their track record. In a way it makes sense though, given that the 5C and/or SE were just previous gen components with a new model number and casing slapped on them. At least this is more honest, for what that's worth.

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Comment by kurkosdr
by kurkosdr on Wed 12th Sep 2018 23:46 UTC
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Solid gold comment from ArsTechnica:

But "Xs Max" instead of "XL"? That's almost Microsoft product naming...

Made me chuckle.

It's pronounced Ten-Ess-Max btw. Some Apple store employee probably threw up in his mouth a little when he realized he would have to say that on a daily basis...

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RE: Comment by kurkosdr
by avgalen on Thu 13th Sep 2018 09:13 UTC in reply to "Comment by kurkosdr"
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Apples naming is getting horrible!

The MacBook is thinner lighter than the MacBook Air.
It is never clear what would make something a Plus, a Max, or a Pro.
It is never clear what makes something an S (shouldn't the 8 have been an 7S?)
What happened to the 9? Why X instead of 10? They added the X to the iOS hardware on the same moment they removed it from the OSX->macOS software
XS means extra small. Having an XS Max is just to mess with people!
What does the r even stand for? Wasn't the C meant for the Cheaper/Coloured devices? Or was that the SE?
...and what will we be getting namewise next year? XIS Max (Pro)?

In the past Apple said they couldn't switch to OLED because it didn't look as good as LCD and then they said it didn't support 3D Touch. Now the top models have OLED with 3D Touch but the R model has LCD without 3D Touch?

And the XR is one of the biggest and most expensive phones on the market but doesn't even get Full HD resolution? 850 Euro for the cheapest XR and you get 1792x828??
Just for info, for the devices with just 64 GB storage and just 4 GB RAM you would pay:
XR -> 850 Euro
XS -> 1150 Euro
XS MAX -> 1250 Euro
There is a reason iPhones are far less popular in Europe compared to the US (roughly 20% vs 50%)

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An idiot asks...
by BeamishBoy on Thu 13th Sep 2018 01:45 UTC
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As someone with a long track record of disappointment when it comes to Apple hardware, I know nothing about modern Apple devices like the Apple Watch. I do, however, find it intriguing and might be tempted in that direction.

However, one thing I'd like to know is just how embedded in the Apple ecosystem the watch is. In particular, does it make sense to own one if one (a) doesn't own an iPhone and (b) has no intention of ever owning an iPhone? Presumably one loses certain functionality without having iPhone with which to pair it?

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RE: An idiot asks...
by Soulbender on Thu 13th Sep 2018 08:43 UTC in reply to "An idiot asks..."
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As someone who owns an Apple Watch (it was a gift) but no iPhone i can say that it's completely worthless without an iPhone.
You wont be able to use it at all without an iPhone.

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RE[2]: An idiot asks...
by BeamishBoy on Thu 13th Sep 2018 13:47 UTC in reply to "RE: An idiot asks..."
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Thanks. That's pretty much how I expected it to be, sadly.

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RE: An idiot asks...
by avgalen on Thu 13th Sep 2018 08:48 UTC in reply to "An idiot asks..."
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You should really consider the Apple Watch as a companion device the an iPhone. You cannot even pair it for apps/sync/calling with an iPad or any OSX-device and non-Apple is simply a no-go.

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RE[2]: An idiot asks...
by BeamishBoy on Thu 13th Sep 2018 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE: An idiot asks..."
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by chrish on Thu 13th Sep 2018 13:25 UTC
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I'm glad Apple finally invented the dual-SIM phone.

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Comment by The123king
by The123king on Thu 13th Sep 2018 15:40 UTC
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I'm still using an iPhone 5

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They surprised me
by darknexus on Thu 13th Sep 2018 16:45 UTC
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I fully expected Apple to go after the privacy angle, particularly with the recent AP reports of Google tracking you even when you ask them not to and turn off location services. They didn't mention a word about privacy, or how their machine learning is done anonymously and on the local device. Does this mean they just didn't bother, or are they getting a little less worried about protecting their users? One does wonder, especially since last year they made a big deal about it in regards to Face ID. About the only thing they did mention was the secure enclave for Face ID, but that's hardly new.

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Comment by model500
by model500 on Sat 15th Sep 2018 00:19 UTC
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"the X is simply still one of the best phones on the market today"

a viable statement in 2014

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