Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 24th Dec 2001 06:29 UTC
Linux At the time I was writing this article, the Linux kernel 2.4.17 was released only 3 days ago and these holly days you may find some more time to experiement with it. The following article includes step-by-step instructions on how to compile a Linux 2.4.X kernel, an article mostly targetting people who have never dared to compile their own kernel yet. Read on and we promise, it is not that hard to do so.
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by Androo on Mon 24th Dec 2001 08:46 UTC

Very nice little guide, though I like "make menuconfig" much better since I stay out of X as much as possible while running Linux.

And since this is a site where many spoiled BeOS users stop by, how about adding instructions to patch the kernel with RML's preempt patches? ;)

by Avery Fay on Mon 24th Dec 2001 10:45 UTC

Androo, there was a link to the preempt patches in the article as well as generic instructions for patching the kernel.

Good article and while I'm commenting I might as well ask. Has anyone been able to compile the original (not alternate) usb uhci support? Every since 2.4.16 up to the latest pre patch, I haven't been able to finish a kernel compile with it enabled.

by Rodney McDonell on Mon 24th Dec 2001 14:00 UTC

I reckon the OpenBSD kernal was much more pleasent to compile ;) .
non of this make xconfig. Bleh. Two very nice simple files that all is needed is a hash out of particular lines.

config File
cd ../compile/file
make depend

finished ;)

by stew on Mon 24th Dec 2001 17:20 UTC

"Kernel Compliing Week"...Linux, FreeBSD, AtheOS, NewOS, .. :-) could be fun!

by mlk on Mon 24th Dec 2001 21:39 UTC

> "Kernel Compliing Week"...Linux, FreeBSD, AtheOS, NewOS, .. :-) could be fun!

Someone using a 286 ;)

It just shows
by mario on Tue 25th Dec 2001 12:09 UTC deficient is Linux compared to HP-UX and Solaris: in HP-UX the kernel compilation is seamless: set the parameters, and run two commands (without arguments). In Solaris it's even simpler, you just edit /etc/system and reboot. (actually, if you use a debugger intelligently, sometimes you don't even need to reboot, but that defeats the "ease of use" point).

Oh well. Back to Heroes 1. It's more fun than compiling a kernel, and the music is way better.

by pherthyl on Wed 26th Dec 2001 07:39 UTC

"Oh well. Back to Heroes 1."
another person with a 286....

maybe I'm wrong but I seem to recall having heroes 3 about 2-3 years ago..

huh??? compiling hpux or solaris kernel???
by vince on Wed 26th Dec 2001 09:19 UTC

correct me if i'm wrong, but does solaris and hpux let users re-compile their kernels? i only know of RE-LINKING the modules, yes...but not re-compiling, as i did this with DEC OSF before.