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OpenBSD This article is a quick example of how to add a system call to OpenBSD. The following description is based on OpenBSD 3.4-beta on i386 machine architecture. Also, it is assumed that readers are familiar with building the OpenBSD kernel.
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v m88k/gcc
by df on Wed 17th Dec 2003 08:29 UTC
Re: m88k/gcc
by bsdrocks on Wed 17th Dec 2003 09:01 UTC

Who cares, just don't click and read here.

v recycled
by df on Wed 17th Dec 2003 10:17 UTC
More like
by dysprosia on Wed 17th Dec 2003 11:20 UTC

More like O'Reilly recycling their content: take a look at - first two topics are the ones here. The m88k article is second from the top.

Anyway, actually writing about the articles themselves -- very interesting reading...

RE: recycled
by Brandon Bennett on Wed 17th Dec 2003 15:55 UTC

Could be worse. You could be reading /.

v re: recycled
by Eugenia on Thu 18th Dec 2003 00:26 UTC