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Zeta YellowTAB's Zeta 1.0-RC3 is now available for purchase via the Mensys distributor.
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I'm not trolling...
by It's me on Mon 14th Jun 2004 00:35 UTC

If I'm not mistaken:
They want $71.24 for RC3
If you paid for RC1 or RC2 you have to pay $10.32 to get RC3.

If this is the last RC and you want to have Zeta 1.0 final you have to pay additional $10.32.

for one Zeta RC and Zeta final you end up paying $81.56.

Does anybody know how many costomers YT has?

Hope now, that all the people that are bitching about the $30 for all SkyOS betas inclusive SkyOS final realize that it's still cheaper than Zeta.

Would be interesting to compare the capabilities of these 2 operating systems.

v peh
by helf on Mon 14th Jun 2004 00:40 UTC
That sucks..
by Anonymous on Mon 14th Jun 2004 01:26 UTC

What a sucky business model - who ever heard of selling betas to raise cash? If you are going to pay you should only have to pay once until the final release and be done with it. Mind you YT are taking so long releasing this I guess they would go bust without anything to sell. It still sucks - and it makes them seem extremely unprofessional and disorganized.


by bfsforever on Mon 14th Jun 2004 01:29 UTC

I was originally looking forward to Zeta, but after getting RC1 and RC2, I can't say I'm impressed. It is essentially a compilation of freeware bundled with Dano. yT has contributed very little that I have seen so far (I don't need to spend all this money just for freakin' SVG) I was amazed when I went to used Common Lisp which shipped with Zeta, only to find it was unbuilt source, they didn't even bother to compile the thing!

Maybe they will pull it together before the final release, but so far I am not impressed.

v why
by helf on Mon 14th Jun 2004 02:31 UTC
v re:why
by helf on Mon 14th Jun 2004 02:32 UTC
I have to pay for this?
by Michael Reyes on Mon 14th Jun 2004 02:50 UTC

When I built my first dual cpu system, I bought BeOS Pro bundle (BeOS Pro, BeOS Bible, Gobe Productive). Wouldn't I be eligible to get a cheaper priced Zeta bundle? I feel jipped...

Me too.
by troy banther on Mon 14th Jun 2004 03:06 UTC

Me too. I love BeOS. I own BeOS Pro, TuneTracker, Gobe, a BeOS Bible, several BeOS-related programming books, and host of smaller wares to individual programmers which I've sent my cash for their hard work.

Why should I purchase anything else? Since my current hardware cannot support it, I have stored my BeOS stuff and moved onto Linux and FreeBSD for "serious" computer business work.

I am satisfied with what I have and most of it is free. I have become a strong proponent of "open-source" software; and highly despize closed-sourced software as-well-as non-disclosure statements.

Good luck to them
by Alan on Mon 14th Jun 2004 03:43 UTC

I hope they do well in their ventures. RC3 looks to be a vast improvement over either of its previous encarnations.

I am tempted to get the update disk and see if it runs on my hardware, as BONE in any way shape or form seems to bork a lot of net apps on here, regardless of it being R5/Bone, Dano, or Zeta.

I have to pay for this?
by stefan on Mon 14th Jun 2004 03:44 UTC

All you guys should just stop bitching about paying for the price of this beta OS or any alternative OS! Why? Do you think money grows on trees? The developement team of Zeta and other free OS's are taking their personal time to develope something quit wonderfull for the pc community, but they cannot do it with monopoly money ... so, if you want some alternatives to windows linux etc, then just be generous and suppor their efforts in developement; don't just moan and groan that you have to pay $30, take into consideration that these guys are putting in years of work in research, developement, coding and testing .... just for you.

This might just be the first Zeta RC worth it's money...
by mario on Mon 14th Jun 2004 04:09 UTC

But I desperately want MORE reviews! Pretty please.... The ICO review is not enough.

Re: I have to pay for this?
by Ludovic Hirlimann on Mon 14th Jun 2004 04:15 UTC

>so, if you want some alternatives to windows linux etc, then
>just be
Buy a Mac :-)

I bought RC1
by AndrewG on Mon 14th Jun 2004 05:15 UTC

I paid for RC1 and my understanding was that I would get a V1 for the cost of shipping. So basically if things have changed then they have gone against their word. That being the case you can count me out.

RE. I bought RC1
by css on Mon 14th Jun 2004 05:44 UTC

...and you will still be offered R1 at cost of shipping. No one ever asked you to buy RC2 or RC3 now. It's just fairplay to over a current development status at self contained costs. This is no GPL Linux, this is a company with all costs that a company has, and these bills must be paid somehow. Thus, it's a generous offer to distribute an RC only for costs of pressing/shipment. I don't think they make money with that.

Suppoerting yT
by M on Mon 14th Jun 2004 06:25 UTC

I'm going to do something I would never have done until I used RC3 (I had an advance copy)... RC3 is extremely stable and extremely well thought out. I'm very impressed with it. I'm taking it as an unfinished product, but it's certainly on a par with, say, Dano, as a release, and miles ahead of some other versions I have seen.

I used R5 for 2 or 3 years failrly exclusively at home. Then came Dano. Dano was exciting at the time, so I used it on my laptop for about 2 or 4 months (until using it began to seriously impact on some development work I was doing back then, due to odd/missing features.) I have also used a couple of versions of PhOS (beta 4 self destructed on my hard disk and decided never to boot again after a week or so.) I've also played with older BeOS versions on various PPC hardware. Zeta RC3 is certainly the best BeOS version I've used since I first played with R5.03 Pro.

Yes I've come across a couple of slightly annoying things (mainly the games seem to be broken odly..) the most annoying being that the BeBook bookmarks for BeIDE are missing from the install (and therefore you can't interogate the help system!!) This I can fix with a R5 or Dano CD.

All in all Zeta is pretty cool in my book. (Bare in mind my RC3 was shipped to me a number of weeks ago too, so the contents may have changed.)

RE: That sucks..
by Anonymous on Mon 14th Jun 2004 06:33 UTC

Since when does selling beta software suck?! When Apple sold the initial OS X, everybody was freaking out to be the first buying it...

All you flamers
by xduffy on Mon 14th Jun 2004 08:37 UTC

Please all you flamers: STOP!

I think Zeta is a wonderful product. I bought RC1 when it came out, and yes it was not good. But I reinstalled Zeta a couple of weeks ago or so and downloaded the service packs, and it a good product now (I am thus running RC2).

They are definitly doing some good development, but it is hard to have so little visible support, since there's always so much flames.

You flamers make me think of the hardcore macos9 ppl who bitched/es so much when os x came out (Scot Hacker talks about this in his tales of a beos refugee:

If you dont like Zeta, don't buy it. But let the rest of us appreciate and give kudos to Yellowtab for their work!

RC3 and on
by DLazlo on Mon 14th Jun 2004 09:12 UTC

I would like to hear something a bit more solid on the future of Zeta "provided" they make a go of it. Such things as planned direction or emphasis of it's development, ie: what are they going to concentrate on first, second, etc. Are they taking it somewhere useful or is it a one-shot deal?

Do they have plans to in any way let the people paying a rather stiff and rising RC cost that their support now is appreciated? Many just wanted a newer version of BeOS, but I also think many thought buying might help to insure the future chances of the OS. How does yT look on them and the financial support keeping it going? Are they considered a vital part of the company's future, to be kept informed and occasionally asked for input and opinions?

by OSNews Reader on Mon 14th Jun 2004 11:58 UTC

If you are a "true" BeOS supporter really, you shouldn't be complaining about the price tag. Buying YellowTab's products keeps the company alive to keep the "original" BeOS alive. Put it this way, no Zeta, no BeOS.

Ok well except for the Max edition but it's good to have a commercial company supporting the product.

by HAL on Mon 14th Jun 2004 12:20 UTC

Five years behind its time. Nice try though.

by chaos on Mon 14th Jun 2004 12:31 UTC

Its certainly my experince with all alternate OS'es (to windows) (incl Linux) that hardware support is biggest issue. Linux being free is simple, downloadi it, install it, if it doesnt work too bad. You lost nothing but time. Howver with Zeta, there is no try before you buy. This is what keeps me from paying for it. I am not going to pay for something only to have it die on install, cause my motherboard/grpahics chipset ocmbo isnt supoprted or somehting similiar. And no, supported hardware lists dont help and are absolute rubish when it comes to determining if a system (not a component) will work.

That said, its time for alternatives, keep up with the good work Zeta and all other OS developers. You are the future.

RE: I'm not trolling...
by AndrewG on Mon 14th Jun 2004 12:33 UTC

I paid $129 when RC1 was released (99 Euro's).

RE: RE. I bought RC1
by AndrewG on Mon 14th Jun 2004 12:50 UTC

Shipping & handling is fine. Downloads for new RC's was promised.

Generally I am very supportive of alternate OS's which is why I paid for RC1 in the first place, even though my hardware was not fully supported. I really hope they succeed!

I just ask that they follow through on promises.

service packs
by fye on Mon 14th Jun 2004 14:34 UTC

yT releases the service packs some time after the cd's are made available for ordering. So there is really no need to get upset or angry.

by Anonymous on Mon 14th Jun 2004 17:25 UTC

Well you may be happy to continue paying through the nose for something many people thought they already paid for - but I and others are not.

If you want to call that a 'flame' that's up to you, but it's my money - and thus I have a right to be disgruntled should I so choose. I don't see how it has very much to do with any of you.

I don't mind paying - but all I want is a single price. Tell me how much something costs and then be done with it. Don't keep comming back to me and asking for more. These guys aren't a charity - and neither am I.

It wouldn't happen anywhere else in the business world. If they can't hack that, then BEOS or no BEOS, maybe they should go bust.

That's the way business works I'm afraid.


RE: ..
by fye on Mon 14th Jun 2004 17:38 UTC

Well you may be happy to continue paying through the nose for something many people thought they already paid for - but I and others are not.

Can you read? That's only for those who want a clean RC3 install instead of downloading an update over the existing system. The updates follow a few weeks after the cd releases.

And btw that update system was told way before the selling of RC1's.

Ooops, sorry GJ
by fye on Mon 14th Jun 2004 17:42 UTC

Sorry for my arrogance there, I hadn't read the "more" of yT's news item.

Re: I have to pay for this?
by Michael Reyes on Mon 14th Jun 2004 19:29 UTC

I wouldn't mind paying an upgrade fee..but 100 bucks is a little too rich for my blood...

by bfsforever on Mon 14th Jun 2004 19:53 UTC

For those who have tried RC3, how does it compare to RC2? What additional features & refinements are there. What I would love to see is improved POSIX support, to make porting apps to Zeta simpler.

I wasn't really flaming yT, I am just dissappointed with the quality of RC1 and 2. I also don't like how it uses what I call the "Linux Distribution" model, installing multiple apps for the same thing. While the option for all these things should be available, I don't think it should install it ALL by default.

Same old YT
by David on Mon 14th Jun 2004 20:49 UTC

We have released for purchace a product that you can't buy. The only update for sale on the website is RC1 to RC2 not RC2 to RC3. Always making anouncemetns too soon and then making themselves look stupid.

by M on Mon 14th Jun 2004 21:02 UTC

Dunno, because I've never used RC2. However, RC3 is certianly a good Beta/release candidate. It's slick and I've not really used R5 since I got it a week ago.

Re: Same old YT
by M on Mon 14th Jun 2004 21:09 UTC

Mensys page seems to have the required items for sale (though they *do* state "on sale soon"). They have RC3, RC3 educational and RC3 update for prior RC's... I guess it's *you* are incorrect maybe? Besides, the link above is not to yT, so how does yT have control over a third part distributor?? LOL..

Purchasing ...
by Begassus on Tue 15th Jun 2004 05:23 UTC

"RC3 is available immediately from or any of reseller. In addition an update is available for anyone who purchased RC1 or RC2 for just Euro 10 plus shipping. Customers should contact their reseller directly for details. Please note there is no need to return any CDs this time."

That's what they say at so upgrading is only Euro 10 (with shipping etc. Euro 15) so it's not that mutch. You can however still as M mentioned purchase the full version or student version. More info about that is available at

by michael_veggie on Tue 15th Jun 2004 11:43 UTC

I'm uncertain if I'll buy Zeta R1 once its avaliable since my pc never got BONE 7a to work but I know yT have worked on the network stack so I'm hopping theres a chance it'll work and I know Dano had a more complete BONE according to BeBits Wiki, so I'm downloading PhOS but it'll be a while on dial up ;) ;) ;)