Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 19th Aug 2004 17:02 UTC
Databases This article guides you through the steps to install IBM DB2 Universal Database Personal Edition V8.1.6, as well as the IBM Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE), with minimal fuss and frustration. Developers who are new to Linux or UNIX-based operating systems will get the most out of this article.
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That's odd
by Anonymous on Thu 19th Aug 2004 18:15 UTC

IBM who is claimed to be such a supporter of OSS and still they don't make DB2 open sourced.... hypocrisy

Re: That's odd
by rycamor on Thu 19th Aug 2004 19:42 UTC

Nothing at all hypocritical here. It's their choice as to what they want to release as open source and what they don't. Why is that a problem? IBM provides financial and development support to many open source projects, including Apache and related projects.

Hypocrisy means to expect behavior of others that you don't live up to yourself. I have never seen IBM claim that Oracle or Sybase should release their source. What would be *really* hypocritical is for self-righteous OSS proponents to use Apache while accusing IBM. (hmm....)

by IC on Thu 19th Aug 2004 21:16 UTC

You can only download 8.1.3 from the website.. You have to order the stinger SEK to check it out for real(which I did,, its free after all).... PLease point me in the correct direction for 8.1.6 if I am mistaken.. Thanks!

Developer version?
by Carlos on Fri 20th Aug 2004 06:33 UTC

Is there a developer license? I mean, not for production use but not crippled either?

8.1.6 not available
by Bud on Fri 20th Aug 2004 06:55 UTC

Not like I care too much,I already have 8.1.3.Is free for download,is supported on RH and Suse , but works on Slack as well.At least the installation.Didn't tried anything yet.I will see today.

RE: 8.1.6 not available
by Carlos on Fri 20th Aug 2004 07:35 UTC


how did you make it work on Slack?

RE: 8.1.6 not available
by Mephisto on Fri 20th Aug 2004 11:49 UTC


Bud, how did you make it install on Slack?

by bsd_usr on Fri 20th Aug 2004 15:40 UTC

It bugs the hell out of me that IBM pretty much packages everything using RPM. I would much prefer a tarball. I guess it's just what I'm used to.

Not only that, but they're not always a straightforward install. I tried installing IBM iSeries Client Access on Fedora Core and it gave me problems. I found that it wasn't worth the hassle. Besides, I really doubt the Linux version of iSeries Client Access will be on par with the Windows version. If I'm wrong, let me know. I'll just use what works.

Doesn't work :(
by Bud on Fri 20th Aug 2004 16:16 UTC

I thought it installed succesfully.I just untared the big file (500MB) and then ran db2_install.It unarchived stuffs , lots of messages so I thought I'll let it finish.When I came back, "Installation succesful" greeted me and I thought everything went OK,shut down and went to sleep thinking that today I'd give it a whirl. But,only empty stuffs were created,checking the logs I have seen that a lot of failed dependencies.Right now I'm running db2setup,which is another install script,graphical one and this one seems to work,or at least I have everything in front of my eyes. I will keep you posted wether this one worked or not shortly.
Now I will not go to sleep ;)

by Bud on Fri 20th Aug 2004 17:02 UTC

Also with the graphical installer , everything seems OK , installation succesful but everything is empty ,no instance created,no database and so on.I guess I should try it on my Suse box.

RE: Doesn't work
by Mephisto on Fri 20th Aug 2004 18:19 UTC

So 8.16 is a Z or tar file? That might be hopeful then. On AIX and RHEL I had to create the user accounts and groups in advance, even though in theory it automatically creates the users. It might be worth rerunning the install after adding whatever users you want to use. (a db admin, a db instance user, and a fence user)

I just did the AIX install, the RHEL was about a year or so ago so they might have changed the installer. At the time for Linux it was an RPM.

IBM on Linux
by Mephisto on Fri 20th Aug 2004 18:22 UTC

My experience is IBM supports RHEL and Suse Enterprise somewhat, but anything else is pretty much a no go. For Lotus products (now owned by IBM) the installer is much more forgiving.

is a simple .tar file
by Bud on Fri 20th Aug 2004 20:01 UTC

is a .tar file
I have seen that there's a big .rpm which may explain the refuse to write anything. To conclude,is a no go in Slackware.