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Morphos Itix has released a first version of OS4emu, an AmigaOS4 emulator which makes it possible to run OS4 programs on MorphOS.
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by Kian on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 18:59 UTC

I thought A-OS4 wasn't even out yet

Either way, great news for MorphOS users, probably not so good news for Hyperion/KMOS/Whoever makes A-OS4.

Betas are there?
by dpi on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:29 UTC

Given all those videos on theres probably some beta they used or something.

Anyway, i went to the press release which contained a link to and stumbled upon the software. A LHA without any more info. So i clicked on 'requirements' (though that wouldnt contain more info) and got on .. What i read there is another debacle a-la the OpenBSD one: people yet again did not get paid for their work!

Since july 2003, Genesi started to not pay their bills. They told it was a temporary problem and payments were on their way. They did so for months, while people kept working. They claimed many times to have issued payments. Those never arrived.

Currently, at least the following persons related with MorphOS development are unpaid:

* David Gerber: 26586 EUR
* Stefan Stuntz: similar amount
* Treveur Bretaudiere: 9680 EUR
* Oliver Wagner: similar amount

If you feel you should be in that list, send a mail here.

Any new version of MorphOS for the Pegasos won't happen before the above counters reach zero.

2004-11-15: this page online
2004-11-17: Genesi is setting up a fake website claiming they own MorphOS. By doing so, they infringes on our copyright. Any version of MorphOS distributed with a new Pegasos is illegal since our contracts have not been honoured. Licenses are withdrawn
2004-11-21: Genesi is making statements on web forums implying those above amounts contain "idle time". This is untrue. Only actual work is charged

This needs media attention. If the debts from Mandrake are worth noticing then so is this.

Just simple Command line stuff
by MrX on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:39 UTC

Not even GCC compiled stuff will work. Ony some simple VBCC stuff.

Not too different but far less advance and useful at this stage as AmigaOS3.9/WarpOS and PowerUP emulation by AmigaOS clones. WarpOS also has a PowerUP emulation library available.

May sound like big news but really isnt.

by poundsmack on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:46 UTC

this si not the place for that....if u realy want to discuss that please go to the least mention of MorphOS on OSnews as that was its topic....ont his topic however i think thats awsome about the OS4 emulation! keep up the great work

@ poundsmack
by dpi on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:51 UTC

Isn't that animal symbol left of the topic title the symbol of MorphOS? There's not much to discuss about it except raising awareness of the news. Given in an old topic nobody would read it, it doesn't make much sense. But perhaps a new news entry makes sense.

Re: Eh?
by MrX on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 19:55 UTC

I dont think this is much of a threat to AmigaOS4 sales. I dont think MSDOS emulation by Linux could be a threat to Windows sales.

Also native software is preferred by most potential customers instead of a emu_layer. Maybe >if< MorphOS survives a few more years this may actually advance into something useful.

Just to clarify
by Mr. Banned on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 20:53 UTC

This now means that I can use the often-delayed, still unreleased (, year(s) old version of Amiga OS4, on the currently suspended ( OS called MorphOS.

I'll bet the current owners of the often-sold ( Amiga IP aren't very happy about people circumventing their hardware lock-in. Especially considering that people who have purchased the official hardware still can't get, or run OS4.

Oh well... As the old saying goes, you can only delay a product for so long before people start using it anyway.

re: Just to clarify
by zaphod on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 21:20 UTC

are you sure? i thought the beta of os4 is available to all who bought the amigaone board.

re: Zaphod
by Mr. Banned on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 21:28 UTC

are you sure? i thought the beta of os4 is available to all who bought the amigaone board.

Maybe it is now. Last I heard, only select users (ie, developers & testers) were able to get the beta. Perhaps things have changed for the better. I sure hope so... Months of delays and spin certainly isn't a fair treatment for those few early adopters who took Amiga at their word and purchased early (IMHO).

RE:Just to clarify
by Steppas on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 21:34 UTC

Those that bought the AmigaOne has already gotten their beta version of OS4, they have also received one major update to it after that. It IS running just fine on the AmigaOne hardware.

Os4 out to A1 & ľA1 owners
by The_Editor on Tue 23rd Nov 2004 23:29 UTC

And its VERY fast too.

If your interested...

Ha... Emulating OS4
by bigbenaussie on Wed 24th Nov 2004 00:27 UTC

This is for developers right, it won't allow you to automatically run OS4 binaries, will it? This would allow developers to support all Amiga platforms with a single code base.

So, the OS4 API becomes the defacto standard, as it was always going to be anyway. Perhaps AROS should have something similar to this. Strange thought, but perhaps something similar would enable you to compile and run OS4 software on classic Amigas too.

Ok. Scampering back to my happy place now.

far, far away...
by Almos Rajnai on Wed 24th Nov 2004 08:56 UTC

As I understood this tool is very limited, emulates only a narrow part of the three main libraries via retargeting the calls to the MorphOS API. It is yet very far from a usable emulation.
IMO it cannot be completed ever, there are lots of missing features from MorphOS which are developed in AmigaOS4, and those could not be (easily) emulated. (Even in the core kernel library, in Exec, not to mention the rest of the environment.)
Also none of the GUI part emulated yet, so mainly only command line programs are working, partly.

Creating such tool for AmigaOS3.x is simply impossible. Not only the different processors (3.x is running only on M68k, 4.x is running only on PPC), but the full environment. There are far too much improvements in the new AmigaOS version.

Re: far, far away...
by MrX on Wed 24th Nov 2004 10:00 UTC

MorphOS does not need to support AmigaOS4 features to emulate a OS providing different features. AmigaOS 2.x could also emulate far newer MacOS9 and Windows95 releases.

RE: Re: far, far away...
by Almos Rajnai on Wed 24th Nov 2004 18:32 UTC

MorphOS does not need to support AmigaOS4 features to emulate a OS providing different features. AmigaOS 2.x could also emulate far newer MacOS9 and Windows95 releases.

You are probably talking about a full machine emulation such as UAE, but this topic is not about this technique.

More like WINE
by Al Hartman on Wed 24th Nov 2004 19:28 UTC

This seems to be more like WINE on Linux than it does like Bochs, Shapeshifter and similar emulators.

More power to them.

It was bound to happen.

MorphOS needs AmigaOS 4 Binary compatibility, and it can still continue to develop and maybe show some different capabilities for it's native apps...