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RE[4]: Any extremism is a problem. (posted 2012-02-10 11:06:31)
Score: 1
Attached to: 'The Apple fanboy problem'
RE[4]: FRAND (posted 2012-02-02 18:43:37)
Score: -1
Attached to: Antitrust: Commission Opens Proceedings Against Samsung
RE: Why not? (posted 2012-01-05 11:15:35)
Score: 1
Attached to: Samsung Releases Galaxy 3GS, Or Something
RE[3]: silly advice (posted 2011-12-25 14:22:42)
Score: 0
Attached to: Android Device Makers: Take Note of These Two Articles
RE[3]: two sides of the coin (posted 2011-12-22 11:08:07)
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1 response(s), 6 in thread
Attached to: Apple Sues Samsung Over 10 Phone, Tablet Case Patents
RE[14]: Comment by redshift (posted 2011-12-11 23:20:59)
Score: 1
Attached to: The CrunchPad is Proof the iPad was Obvious
RE: iFans (posted 2011-12-11 12:58:40)
Score: 1
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Attached to: Apple Made a Deal with the Devil (No, Worse: A Patent Troll)