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The other side (posted 2015-02-12 11:44:50)
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Attached to: I'm Brianna Wu, and I'm risking my life standing up to Gamergate
RE: Comment by javispedro (posted 2015-02-11 11:47:13)
Score: 3
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Attached to: Samsung TVs inserting unwanted ads into users' own movies
RE: Comment by ddc_ (posted 2015-01-20 23:09:42)
Score: 3
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Attached to: Microsoft Spartan: Chrome extensions targeted for native support
RE: Bullshit (posted 2014-12-09 14:51:25)
Score: 1
Attached to: Android Police recommends a tablet
RE: Uh, what? (posted 2014-12-05 14:28:47)
Score: 1
Attached to: Zuckerberg slams Tim Cook
RE[2]: New name.. (posted 2014-08-27 17:08:16)
Score: 1
Attached to: Apple reportedly working on 12.9-inch iPad
RE: Linux! (posted 2014-03-20 23:37:40)
Score: 4
Attached to: Microsoft unveils DirectX 12
RE[2]: Comment by v_bobok (posted 2013-09-12 08:15:00)
Score: 3
Attached to: Apple: new iPhone not storing fingerprints
Qt (posted 2013-09-03 08:41:45)
Score: 12
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Attached to: Tide rolls in: Microsoft acquires Nokia's devices unit
RE: Gamers'll buy it (posted 2013-05-22 13:05:53)
Score: 4
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Attached to: Xbox One forces gamers to pay for games borrowed from friends
RE[2]: Comment by Laurence (posted 2013-04-25 13:42:08)
Score: 3
Attached to: Google makes concessions to EU antitrust body