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Slackware, Slax During the past month the official software update sources for VectorLinux suffered from several long time downtime periods. As a result, users were unable to update or install new software. This article explains a possible fix using trusted mirrors.
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by Anonymo on Wed 6th Sep 2006 03:19 UTC
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Thank you for posting.

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by deanlinkous on Wed 6th Sep 2006 03:32 UTC
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Could the interest (or lack thereof) be the EXACT problem that Vector Linux has? Not trolling, truly asking if this could be a issue. I have used vector soho I think it was called and thought it was cool, and fast IIRC but KDE doesn't float my boat.

They could enlist my help. I seem to generate some bad attention. Not sure if that is the desired effect or not. ;)

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RE: Well
by lighans on Wed 6th Sep 2006 08:39 UTC in reply to "Well"
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Vector has a solid team of people.
It's nice and friendly forums (RTFM is no answer) are great. Every problem gets attention. The amount of Howto's in the forum are extensive.
It's my distro of choice for years.

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RE[2]: Well
by deanlinkous on Wed 6th Sep 2006 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Well"
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Okay. I just asked. ;)
This is the fewest replies I think I have ever seen concerning any post about any distro so I was wondering. It is one distro that I never hear about and so forth, of course sometimes that is a good thing.

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Good show
by orfanum on Thu 7th Sep 2006 11:58 UTC
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Just to buck the apparent trend, for me;-)

I agree about the Vector forums, very friendly and very patient as I recall, and willing to go back to a problem if it isn't immediately resolved and the Newbie posts back after having tried.

I have 5.1 installed on an older Compaq laptop and it performs really well for me as standard/out of the box.

Keep it up for the Vectorbies!

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