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Morphos "The final version of EFIKA, an MPC5200B System-on-Chip based 'miniature mainboard' by bplan/Genesi and one of the most important PowerPC community support projects sponsored by Freescale had its first public demonstration at an embedded electronics symposium in Germany. PPCNUX has been on site to find out more about the versatile PPC entry hardware."
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by bryanv on Wed 11th Oct 2006 20:35 UTC
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I so want one of these that it's not funny.

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It seems that...
by fithisux on Wed 11th Oct 2006 20:36 UTC
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EFIKA could be supplied with a modern PCI-IDe controller, but you would lose the ability to put a graphics card. Am I right? By the way I have an S3 Virge graphics card here. Can I use it?

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by DrSwizz on Wed 11th Oct 2006 21:40 UTC
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I really would like to have one of these cards too.

Graphics card: S3 Virge works with Xorg, but it's not very fast. If you look at the roadmap for the MPC5xxx CPUs you see a 90nm CPU with integrated 3D acceleration and display controller will be released by Freescale next year. Hopefully later EFIKA boards will have that CPU.

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How about........
by Accident on Wed 11th Oct 2006 21:55 UTC
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a mini-Amiga?

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RE: How about........
by hagiz on Thu 12th Oct 2006 00:25 UTC in reply to "How about........"
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Samantha? :-)

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RE[2]: How about........
by Raffaele on Thu 12th Oct 2006 12:26 UTC in reply to "RE: How about........"
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Agiz wrote:

>Samantha? :-)


Samantha =/= Efika.

Efika is a project from Genesi entiely developed by german people of bPLan. The same firm which brought us the Pegasos II and is about to release Pegasos III G5.

Samantha is an italian project from ATI Holding Group, a firm born from a joint of italian Amiga resellers.

Here are images of Efika:

And here are images of Samantha:

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so close but so far
by _df_ on Thu 12th Oct 2006 12:14 UTC
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its so poorly engineered it cant handle so-dimms. nice ;) were told to abandon nice uboot and use some other POS instead? esch. i guess this gets around all the ram timing issues all the previous pegasos/odw machines had if you just solder it onto the board.

might be a nice implementation board for a small NAS box except it cant do gigabit ethernet... sigh.

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