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OSNews, Generic OSes Version 0.65 of the Visopsys operating system was released today. A lot of work has been done on the USB subsystem and underlying UHCI driver - though it's still not 'there' yet it has been re-enabled for the time being. New features were added to the Disk Manager (a.k.a. Partition Logic) including partition copy/paste (same disk or disk-to-disk). And finally, as with the last few releases there's been a focus on improving the GUI code. You can demo Visopsys on a floppy or live CD. Downloads and change log.
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Interesting OS
by brewmastre on Mon 18th Dec 2006 19:51 UTC
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I have been trying out this OS every so often for a few years now, and it seems pretty cool. The only thing I would love to see though, is for the appearance to be fixed up a bit. Currently, it's not very pleasant to look at, but I have to give credit to Andy McLaughlin, he's written an OS, and thats something that most of us can't say. Keep up the good work.

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RE: Interesting OS
by Valhalla on Mon 18th Dec 2006 21:13 UTC in reply to "Interesting OS"
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yep, this is a very impressive work. especially considering it's one man behind all this.

being a programmer, I'm particularly fond of the clean and very well structured API. someday (tm), I will sit down and write some code on Visopsys to try it out.

again, massive respects to the author of this cool little OS.

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by Bobthearch on Mon 18th Dec 2006 22:40 UTC
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The bootable Visopsys CDs never worked in the past but now with a new machine they work just fine. Must have been some hardware configuration problem between Visopsys and that particular computer.

I downloaded 0.65 last night and gave it a try. The CD boots quickly and the operating system runs well. A couple of notes though:
- The "User Management" bubbly-people icon is 'borrowed' from another OS. Shouldn't take too much effort to come up with something original.
- The documents are HTML files, but there's no HTML viewer included.
- Can't find a tool for shutting down or rebooting the computer. "Reboot" does work from the terminal.

I'm glad to see continuing advancements on this operating system, and much thanks to Andy McLaughlin for allowing free downloading and use of his software. I'm curious to see where Visopsys is headed in the future.


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v Tim Holwerdi
by Tim Holwerdi on Tue 19th Dec 2006 12:04 UTC
Feedback good
by andymc on Tue 19th Dec 2006 16:01 UTC
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Hello, thanks for your comments and for trying Visopsys.

brewmastre: Yeah, I'm no graphic artist, that's for sure. There have been some icons contributed by others that spruce things up a bit (I'm holding off on releasing those for a little while, 'till 0.7). I really like designing icons and such things but it's become apparent to me (from comments) that I'm not terribly good at it. ;-)

Bobthearch: Hooray! Glad it finally worked for you. The bubble people icon is from SuSE Linux. My old one was just too ugly. Hopefully a browser/Gecko port will be done before too long, so people will be able to read HTML from within the OS. You can shut down/reboot from the 'exit' menu at the top of the screen.

Any graphic artists out there want to make any contributions?


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Exit menu
by Bobthearch on Tue 19th Dec 2006 17:40 UTC
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"You can shut down/reboot from the 'exit' menu at the top of the screen."

Well that couldn't have been any more obvious. Guess I was having a 'slow' day yesterday. The option to "eject disk" was convenient - I wish more bootable CDs would include that.

I'm still amazed at how fast Visopsys boots!

Thanks again,

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