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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku enthusiast umccullough has posted two very interesting screenshots of Haiku. In the first screenshot, you see Haiku serving a web page using RobinHood, where the second one shows an XP box browsing said web page. The Haiku groupies axe murderers users and developers in #haiku explained, however, that people should not get the wrong picture; Haiku is not ready, in any way, for public consumption, nor is it capable of serving a web page for a prolonged period of time. Just so you know. Update: And another screenshot showing BeShare running on Haiku.
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Amazing stuff.
by judgen on Mon 16th Apr 2007 22:01 UTC
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Nice to see that the net_stack is coming along nicely. According to some people its allready better than R4.0 (wich was not much to write home about, but still)

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RE: Amazing stuff.
by meianoite on Mon 16th Apr 2007 22:08 UTC in reply to "Amazing stuff."
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Considering how talented Hugo is, if the guy keeps this pace and decides to keep contributing after GSoC is over, I'd wager it is going to beat the hell out of not only net_server, but perhaps even BONE itself.

Go Hugo!


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RE[2]: Amazing stuff.
by ormandj on Mon 16th Apr 2007 23:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Amazing stuff."
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Can't wait for R1+, that's all I've got to say on this topic. I've seen the changes being reported by the "bot" on freenode, it's pretty impressive!

Keep up the great work, Hugo, it's very much appreciated. ;)

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v RE[2]: Amazing stuff.
by Duffman on Tue 17th Apr 2007 15:05 UTC in reply to "Amazing stuff."
It needs to be said...
by raynevandunem on Mon 16th Apr 2007 23:19 UTC
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HAMP stack, anyone?

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by mmadia on Mon 16th Apr 2007 23:22 UTC
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even as a proof of concept, this is simply amazing!

(Moderately) complex R5 binaries running in Haiku,
Haiku and it's network stack being functional albeit unstable.

: )

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Self-effacing much?
by Almafeta on Tue 17th Apr 2007 00:07 UTC
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"Hey. We just reached a point in our OS's development that most OSs will never get to -- but pay it no mind, this really isn't anything important."

Oh really? I think that this is something amazing that should be getting a lot of attention, myself. They should be giving themselves some credit!

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The underdog
by th3rmite on Tue 17th Apr 2007 00:39 UTC
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I'm not too sure why, but I'm really rooting for Haiku. I can't wait until they have R1+ published. I really think this is the fresh air for alternative desktop OS's.

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whoo hoo!
by imstillatwork on Tue 17th Apr 2007 00:41 UTC
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Good step forward! While it may not demonstastrate what haiku is all about, it is without a doubt a huge leap forward in the network department.

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Wasn't really my idea...
by umccullough on Tue 17th Apr 2007 01:50 UTC
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I really have to give credit to Jonathon Thompson for the idea - I just grabbed the ball and ran with it ;)

Hugo has been pounding out the netstack fixes/updates lately which probably helped Haiku enough to pull it off - and of course, all the core Haiku devs are awesome!

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RE: Wasn't really my idea...
by JonathanBThompson on Tue 17th Apr 2007 04:48 UTC in reply to "Wasn't really my idea..."
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Thanks, Urias... at the relatively low bandwidth, this is a fairly light test, but it is useful to see where the holes still are in a real-life environment, and it has been useful.

Here's hoping soon your machine will peg your bandwidth without problems soon!

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by elmindreda on Tue 17th Apr 2007 01:51 UTC
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Congratulations ;)

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by predictor on Tue 17th Apr 2007 07:04 UTC
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I wonder if they have the competence to make a secure netstack though...

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RE: Security
by SReilly on Tue 17th Apr 2007 07:19 UTC in reply to "Security"
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I wonder if they have the competence to make a secure netstack though...

Judging by what the Haiku team have pulled off so far, I would not be in the least surprised if they do.

Consider the complexity of implementing a network stack from scratch in the first place, never mind an operating system.

Then, look at all the documentation with source code available from solid, secure and stable network stacks and I don't see how they can get it wrong.

*BSD and Linux is a great start when checking out other implementations and I doubt I'm the only person on this planet to have thought of that.

Nice to see the Haiku project really build up steam, I was a bit worried far a while there. :-)

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RE: Security
by computrius on Tue 17th Apr 2007 08:13 UTC in reply to "Security"
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do YOU have the competence to make a secure net stack? If so, why not help them out? ;) One must look at their own competence before attacking someone else's.

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by testadura on Tue 17th Apr 2007 08:37 UTC
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It keeps getting better and better :-)

Can someone tell me if it's more like Netserver or more like BONE? I mean, Haiku will be R5 compatible, so the this new networking stack must be Netserver compatible.

Since Netserver kind of sucks, Be created BONE. Will this new netstack be something like BONE (Unix-like) with a netserver compatible API?
Or is Haiku R1 only BONE compatible?

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RE: Compatibility
by JonathanBThompson on Tue 17th Apr 2007 11:36 UTC in reply to "Compatibility"
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Since the others didn't answer in as much detail, leaving readers to possibly wonder, I'll provide a little clarification:

The new Haiku stack is closer to BONE, yes, and is intended to be at least as powerful, but it will have a userspace interface for backwards compatibility with Netserver, but unlike NetServer, and like BONE, it will exist entirely in kernel space.

Other relevant details have been covered sufficiently by other posters before I saw your post, but I can add one minor addition/clarification to a statement made below: the Haiku stack isn't based off any other stack as discussed on the discussion lists, because the locking model of Haiku is too different to the point where it would likely be as hard to replicate a BSD-like stack without employing a BKL (Big Kernel Lock) or otherwise compromising the kernel for SMP support and scalability.

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RE: Compatibility
by wing on Tue 17th Apr 2007 09:40 UTC
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To my knowledge, Haiku is aiming for compatibility with both BONE and net_server, and that their netstack is based off of the one in freebsd 6.0

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RE[2]: Compatibility
by stippi on Tue 17th Apr 2007 10:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Compatibility"
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Axel discussed the design of the Haiku netstack with the other developers for a while, and then he designed Haiku's own netstack from scratch. Of course he looked at the other implementations and borrowed good ideas, mostly from BONE AFAIK. But it is wrong to say that the Haiku netstack is *based* on the freebsd 6.0 stack or any other. The Haiku stack is not a port, and the pros and cons of that decision were well discussed.

Best regards,

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by jeanmarc on Tue 17th Apr 2007 11:08 UTC
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This site should be renamed HaikuNews ;)

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RE: Benews
by Bully on Tue 17th Apr 2007 13:40 UTC in reply to "Benews"
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This site should be renamed HaikuNews ;)

I like news about Haiku and other alternative oses a lot more then any Vista or Linux news.
For me, that's why I come to OSnews.

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RE[2]: Benews
by jeanmarc on Tue 17th Apr 2007 13:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Benews"
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fully agreed, so ;)
(Haikunews exist already anyway)

Edited 2007-04-17 13:41

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v RE: Benews
by ssa2204 on Tue 17th Apr 2007 17:14 UTC in reply to "Benews"
Syllable SkyOs, etc
by Tanner on Tue 17th Apr 2007 17:35 UTC
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It will be interesting to see what reactions will rise in other OS development.

We all know that Syllable, SkyOS, ReactOS were made for the SAME goals Haiku has.. POWERING DESKTOP COMPUTING.

To me, and I'm saying this for a long long time here on OSnews, Haiku is the favourite and most compelling.

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by twistys on Wed 25th Apr 2007 11:34 UTC
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