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IBM IBM has released Lotus Symphony 1.2, with a beta release for Mac OS X. "Lotus Symphony release 1.2 is now available and includes Beta support for the Mac OS X platform in English. I know many of you have been waiting for this new platform and hope you will take the time to try it out and give us your feedback. We expect to have a Generally Available version for Mac in all the languages we support in 1Q09." You can get it from here.
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64 bit versions
by Sean Parsons on Thu 6th Nov 2008 23:18 UTC
Sean Parsons
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Aren't most new computers 64 bit, so why doesn't IBM offer a 64 bit version (instead of an x86 version) of their software for Linux?

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RE: 64 bit versions
by ebasconp on Fri 7th Nov 2008 03:17 UTC in reply to "64 bit versions"
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it is not just IBM, 64-bit support is still treated as a "second class citizen" in a lot of scenarios...

Patience, there is nothing left to do more than that.

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RE: 64 bit versions
by Johann Chua on Mon 10th Nov 2008 04:30 UTC in reply to "64 bit versions"
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How long did it take after the 386 debuted before fully 32-bit PC operating systems were the norm?

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