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Podcasts As well as being late this week, it's a 2 hour, late night edition of the show! Nothing in particular stood out last week, so we discussed the whole week's news ending just before Apple's big announcements (we will no doubt cover those on Sunday). It's a wealth of topics, some big, some small, including: the BeOS stash (which has now gone for $2675!), Nvidia's Tegra platform, Chrome sandboxing and Chrome in general and my complete fail reviewing Opera 10 Beta.
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by John Blink on Tue 9th Jun 2009 22:51 UTC
John Blink
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Thanks for the podcast.

Sometimes I get tired of reading. ;)

Opera rocks! ;) Just having fun.

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by John Blink on Wed 10th Jun 2009 00:45 UTC
John Blink
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Can you move it from the middle of the page to under Random comments.

I don't mind the banner though.

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by rhyder on Wed 10th Jun 2009 05:15 UTC
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I had to use the IBM site when I was attempting to RMA a drive. When I specified that I was from the UK it popped up a warning that IBM regarded English as the international language of business and apologised for any inconvenience.

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by CrLf on Thu 11th Jun 2009 15:14 UTC
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I can't believe I'm going to step up for Microsoft here but anyway...

Setting up shadow copies/previous versions on a NTFS volume takes about 10 seconds. It's right there on the volume properties dialog, it's just a matter of enabling it and defining the schedule. It is just that simple.

This on server versions of Windows (2003, 2008). On client versions I never looked at it, but Vista Ultimate/Business/Enterprise also has this feature, and I suppose the UI should be exactly the same.

The home versions of Vista don't have it though. And XP only has the client version (the ability to revert to previous versions on shares exported from a server).

Oh, and creating volume snapshots is also available in Linux with LVM. And it's also instantaneous.

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