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Internet & Networking This article looks beyond Active Directory at a variety of approaches available today to getting Linux and Windows to work together on the network. While still not a job for an average Linux administrator or a Windows Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) who's still wet behind the ears, there are tools available that make the job easier than ever.
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Likewise Open is great
by polaris20 on Thu 5th Aug 2010 21:01 UTC
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We've been using it on both OS X and Linux machines for quite awhile now, and unlike some solutions will cache the user's profile on the local machine. That's an important factor for laptop users.

Samba 4 is still in development, and isn't close to being ready? Wow, it's been quite a few years, at least 5 since they started.

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RE: Likewise Open is great
by FishB8 on Fri 6th Aug 2010 01:35 UTC in reply to "Likewise Open is great"
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That's kind of a miss-leading. Samba 4 AD features have been merging with the Samba 3 File/Print Server and Samba 3 Wins server in the main development branch since the beginning of the year.

They are supposedly on schedule to start releasing stuff that is ready for people to play with in a production environment sometime this coming winter / next spring.

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RE[2]: Likewise Open is great
by polaris20 on Mon 9th Aug 2010 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Likewise Open is great"
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Since they've been working on it since 2004, I won't exactly hold my breath.

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Fedora directory server
by evert on Thu 5th Aug 2010 21:06 UTC
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Strange they don't mention the Fedora / Red Hat / 389 directory server:

It has the same ancestor as OpenLDAP, but was further improved by Netscape, and now by Red Hat, and seems to be somewhat more mature and has more features than OpenLDAP.


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