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Games Engadget gets some hands-on time with a Playstation Phone but the big news is out of Tokyo where Sony held its "Playstation Meeting 2011" event where they introduced both Playstation gaming on Android and the PSP2, currently code named NGP.
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Time to buy an Android is coming
by puelocesar on Fri 28th Jan 2011 10:31 UTC
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Ok Android, now we are talking ;)

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Stay Far Away
by FunkyELF on Fri 28th Jan 2011 17:58 UTC
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Anybody that loves Android for its openness should stay far away from any Sony products.

Haven't we learned our lesson?

Sony hates their customers.

Just yesterday I wanted to watch an episode of married with children via NetFlix on my PS3 instead of show "Perfect Couples" between "Community" and "The Office". It made me update the firmware and re-login to Netflix. This took 12 minutes, not enough time to watch an episode and still catch The Office. No new features or bug fixes in this update... just trying to get people to stop running Linux on hardware they paid for. Legit users suffer. Sony hates their customers.

And apparently this new firmware was hacked 2 hours after it was released. Its a futile cat and mouse game where the hackers always win. Its just a shame most normal customers have to suffer. Imagine the 12 minutes multiplied by every PS3 owner.... for what? What did the users gain? What did Sony gain? Two hours of a console being "secured" for those who updated in that 2 hour window?

Stay away from Sony products. Sony has a bad track record. History repeats itself. They've had their 2nd and 3rd chances already.

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Love Sony
by Whealson on Sat 29th Jan 2011 02:51 UTC
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Prefer sony for me.

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