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I decided I wanted to hack Final Fantasy 1, one of my favorite games growing up, that I put in more than 100 hours playing. I used fceux as my NES emulator, same as in the video and followed mostly the same patterns.

I kept some notes on how I did it and thought others might find the process as interesting and fun as I did. I ended up losing most of the notes from a few years ago, so I went back and rediscovered the different memory locations and values to use again.

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Ultima IV on the 800XL.
by leech on Tue 21st Mar 2017 02:14 UTC
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Reminds me of back when I used Disk Wizard 2 to edit Ultima IV on the Atari 800XL. Reconfiguring the map, tweaking character stats, etc.

Maybe I should write an article about that.

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