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Mac OS X

macOS High Sierra will deliver new video and graphics technologies that will lay the groundwork for even more improvements to macOS down the line, according to Apple. The big additions in High Sierra include Apple File System (APFS), support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), and an all-new version of Metal - simply called Metal 2 - which will allow Apple's advanced graphics tech to power even more Mac apps, including machine learning and VR-based content.

Apple also mentioned that macOS' window manager will run on Metal 2. As always, be sure to take a peek at Apple's official High Sierra page.

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by AaronMiller on Tue 6th Jun 2017 00:40 UTC
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Better late than never. External video card support and native HEVC support are really nice to have. It seems that EGPUs for Mac are getting pretty popular as well, judging from a few random YouTube videos.

As far as native HEVC support goes, I have a few HEVC encoded videos I'd rather not re-encode just for my Mac, so this is rather pleasant for my own personal use case.

Of course I'd like to play around with Metal 2 as well, but I haven't even played with Metal 1 yet.

In any case, this is an update I'm looking forward to. Sure, APFS could be a lot better, and there are a lot of things which could be done better as well... Also I just really don't care about improvements or changes to apps like Photos, Mail, Safari, or whatever else (since I don't use those), but... It's still an update I'm looking forward to.

As an aside, it's vaguely interesting (even if probably meaningless) that there are a lot of graphical features updates here, and not too long ago the most recent point-release of macOS Sierra fixed a lot of very serious (security) errors in the graphics stack. (Granted most of those bugs, IIRC, were discovered independently or as part of Project Zero.)

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eGPU for Thunderbold 3 only
by project_2501 on Tue 6th Jun 2017 09:53 UTC
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What a shame .. the eGPU option is only for Thunderbolt 3 only.

A Macbook Pro 13" as recent at the 2015 model won't work.

Such a shame.

Despite paying lots for an almost-maxed out config, I can't do GPU acceleration like CUDA .. and even playing streaming video stutters .. like BBC iPlayer at fullscreen.

Funny thing is my ancient Dell from before 2010 with a small mobile NVIDIA GPU could do it easily!

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RE: eGPU for Thunderbold 3 only
by The123king on Tue 6th Jun 2017 12:17 UTC in reply to "eGPU for Thunderbold 3 only"
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How does iPlayer stutter for you?!? I have an entry level 2013 MBA and that handles iPlayer fine, even when running games in the background

I think you need to look at all the other crap sucking your GPU

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project_2501 Member since:

I wish I knew what it was.

It's an integrated Intel "GPU" not a discrete one.

Full screen on an external monitor 4K (scaled) using Thunderbolt DisplayPort ...

.. If I kill apps it doesn't improve. If I power cycle it runs better.

Yet my cheap Thinkpad connected to the same monitor with works fine with player on Linux.

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avgalen Member since:

Mac Book Airs run at very low resolutions (1440 x 900) which is slightly easier than 4K (scaled or not)

However, they should be able to run 4K content as well: "Intel HD Graphics 6000
Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 3840-by-2160 resolution at 60Hz on an external display, both at millions of colors."

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cranfordio Member since:

That is strange. I have a late 2013 13" MacBook Pro that only has Intel graphics hooked up to a Dell 4K display and I can watch 4K video with no problem. Sounds like something else on your computer is causing the issue.

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I do know they are hiring people for GPU stack development. In happen to know personally someone who landed there. Of course I know he won't be able to answer any questions on that espect, so I don't evem ask him,

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avgalen Member since:

Maybe Apple is planning improving GPU support?

They aren't just planning, they are executing! "The big additions in High Sierra include </snip> support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), and an all-new version of Metal - simply called Metal 2 - which will allow Apple's advanced graphics tech to power even more Mac apps, including machine learning and VR-based content."

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