Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 25th Jun 2003 04:51 UTC
Linux Terra Soft said today that its Yellow Dog Linux will soon include support for 64-bit processing on the Power Mac G5. As an Apple Authorized Reseller, TerraSoft is receiving pre-orders for the new Macs.
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by Charles on Wed 25th Jun 2003 07:32 UTC

Always like to see OS options............

Mac on Linux
by Dubhthach on Wed 25th Jun 2003 12:55 UTC

What opinions do people have on Mac-on-Linux? performance etc. compared to say using VMWare to run Windows on x86 Linux box's

by dan on Wed 25th Jun 2003 15:30 UTC

I put Mandrake's Mac-on-Linux on an iBook. It ROCKED! It was solid. It was really cool to use a classic App. inside OSX. In other words, I was running 3 OS's and it ran GREAT!


pb 17"
by ben on Wed 25th Jun 2003 16:24 UTC

man, i hope they dont forget about supporting the powerbook 17". OS X is great but i miss picking my window managers.

And there was me
by Anonymous on Wed 25th Jun 2003 16:33 UTC

And there was me thinking they were going to skip the G5 chip ;o)