Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 9th Apr 2004 09:48 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Three days are left for our 'Aspire Swatter' competition (prize worth $3000 US) and we have only received a single submission. Participate, as the chance of winning is huge!
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Might be the prize?
by dysprosia on Fri 9th Apr 2004 11:17 UTC

Java or a .NET/Mono/Portable.NET developer

Neither are my favorite or chosen languages, personally. Maybe many in your readership are in the same boat?

I would write an article...
by kaiwai on Fri 9th Apr 2004 11:46 UTC

But then again, why would a person write an article only to find that 4 hours of hardwork is thrown into the rubbish bin. Sorry, if people want a forum to express their opinions, they'll simply use a free website hosting organisation to do it.

by euh on Fri 9th Apr 2004 12:30 UTC

I don't even understand what's to win... I think it is an account on a server for a trial period?

by Anonymous on Fri 9th Apr 2004 12:38 UTC

Holy negative comments Batman! Just write an article about your programming language and you could win the prize. Try not to think of it as 4 hours for nothing, but 4 hours on skill building. If you were in a programming contest you'd probably spend many more hours building something. This is just saying write an article, not program an application.

RE: I would write an article...
by rain on Fri 9th Apr 2004 14:19 UTC

Are you refering to OSNews as the garbage bin?

About the prize
by Allan Edwards on Fri 9th Apr 2004 15:14 UTC

Actually, this is a fully functional Enterprise edition of client server based defect tracking system. It is fully supported by my company. It is not a trial, it is the full version you can use and install on your systems. It is a defect tracking system that goes with Visual Studio .NET.

Free Trials Available
by Allan Edwards on Fri 9th Apr 2004 15:29 UTC

Hey Guys and Gals, Their are free trial downloads avaialable at if you want to try it out before you write your article.

Prize issues
by Kyle on Fri 9th Apr 2004 16:38 UTC

I think the prize could be an issue for many of the readers of the site.

The product is for pure Microsoft based developers only. You basically have to have a 100% MS based development environment (IDE, Database, OS, Office Solution).

That rules me out for work (Borland, Pervasive, Windows) and home (100% Linux). I would think that it rules out plenty of other people too, especially readers of this site who are pretty varied.

Being as its April and all...
by Will on Fri 9th Apr 2004 16:41 UTC

So, $3000 USD prize sounds like a great deal.

Do we get 1099'd on that if we win?

I mean, we're SUPPOSED to, right?

RE:Prize issues
by Anonymous on Fri 9th Apr 2004 17:39 UTC

Yup same here.

If I won, Id proably just go and pawn it off. ;)

Would PHP count?
by TonyB on Fri 9th Apr 2004 17:55 UTC

Would PHP count? ;)

More information
by Allan Edwards on Fri 9th Apr 2004 18:17 UTC

The product's only install requirement is .NET (automatically installed if you don't have it by the installer). Other than that it is a stand alone software application. The Enterprise Edition contains a stand alone server applet and Applications that run on your developers computers. They are also stand alone. You CAN be developing any kind of software.

The product does not require IIS, a database, or any other Microsoft software. The database is built into the server. Again, all you need is any OS that will run .NET and the product is turn key.

The tracker was designed to track bugs for both Client and Web based software development projects!

How many...
by Jay Developer on Sat 10th Apr 2004 02:32 UTC

So, to the time of posting this one, how many articles have been submitted?

RE: How many...
by Eugenia on Sat 10th Apr 2004 05:05 UTC

Four so far. We are awaiting two more at least.

by dysprosia on Sat 10th Apr 2004 08:58 UTC

Again, all you need is any OS that will run .NET and the product is turn key.

Assuming that you mean the .NET framework, that rules out, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS,...Anything But Windows?
Not that .NET is a bad thing, but I just don't use .NET that often for it to be an incentive...

Sorry everyone, but we only support .NET. .NET runs on Windows 98 and above. Specifically we do mean .NET framework 1.1. The client software and server software are all pure .NET code. All of the Unix groups we have worked on though have had windows workstations to run Office, email, etc. along with their Unix development boxes.

So we do apologize, but our product does leave out any groups that are Unix pure plays.

Are you refering to OSNews as the garbage bin?

Considering that I forwarded a request to Eugenia to write an article regarding a migration from FreeBSD/x86 to MacOS X, I was ignored. If thats the example of a "response to someone interested in writing an article", I say, yes, osnews as the garbage bin.

At the very least I expected a prompt, "piss off", then at least I would have known she read the email.

by Eugenia on Sun 11th Apr 2004 20:52 UTC

What the f*ck are you talking about? I have NEVER received such an email, at least as far as I remember. We/I ALWAYS reply to readers who email us!

Your comment is a troll and probably you made all this up just to make us look bad.