Linked by Rahul Sundaram on Mon 20th Dec 2004 17:20 UTC
Slackware, Slax The current changelog informs us that Patrick is back in good health from the strange ailments that affected him previously He also muses about his plans for Slackware 10.1 and kernel 2.6 possibly in Slackware 11.
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Thank God
by Flatline on Mon 20th Dec 2004 17:44 UTC

What a relief! It's great to hear that Patrick is doing much better.

by dikatlon on Mon 20th Dec 2004 17:48 UTC

Thats great! I hope everybody learn something from this, that nobody nowadays are free from sickness and things that is bad in some way...

by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 17:57 UTC

After the detailed post about his original ailment, I'm really curious now about any treatment he underwent. Oh well, here's to Slackware 11.

good to hear!
by P on Mon 20th Dec 2004 17:59 UTC


by MuD on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:02 UTC

Thank God everything's O.K. with him. :-D

Great News!
by Tez on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:21 UTC

This is great news, just in time for the Christmas season. I wish Pat the best of luck and a great holiday season for him and his family.

by 2501 on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:32 UTC

merry x-mas, pat! i am glad you are back again!

by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:38 UTC

I'm glad he's doing much better now.

good news
by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:44 UTC

This is remarkable good news.

Good news indeed
by Slack_User on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:57 UTC

It's good to hear back from Pat, he will recover fully overtime.

It is also good to hear about the new Dropline GNOME team releasing the final 2.8.2 gnome soon, they are testing the release now.

Nice to see things getting back on track.

Merry Xmas to all of you!

by luddite on Mon 20th Dec 2004 19:09 UTC

Very pleased to hear that Mr Volkerding is feeling better.
I think most, if not all people take their good health for granted.
Good health is one of the few things money cannot buy - a fact that I suspect many fans of open source software, & anyone who pauses to think about it, will appreciate.
A healthy 2005 to all!

Roll on the next release of Slackware!

erstwhile Slack user

Oh, I forgot...
by MuD on Mon 20th Dec 2004 19:15 UTC

...does anybody have the slightest idea when Slackware 10.1 might be released (still this year/Q1 '05 etc.)?

re:oh i forgot
by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 19:21 UTC

Q1 2005 probably

by Mike on Mon 20th Dec 2004 20:15 UTC

Thank god.

What was Pat's diagnosis anyway? He said he was coughing up some white mass. It didn't sound like cancer, but i don't know anything about these things.

We should...
by Charles on Mon 20th Dec 2004 20:36 UTC

all buy Pat a Christmas present if we use Slackware. Congratulations on your recovery!! Best wishes.

by pieter on Mon 20th Dec 2004 20:36 UTC

Thats the best gift for x-mas, knowing Pat is good! (Ok, I know Pat is good, but the good mind needs a good body)

Thank you!

v Thank ${DIETY}
by johnMG on Mon 20th Dec 2004 20:58 UTC
It is so good . Thanks Gods . Thanks Patrick !
by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 21:27 UTC

Nice to hear that . Hope this never happen again .

God bless Patrick
by bless on Mon 20th Dec 2004 21:33 UTC

God bless Patrick and his work of life = brilliant Linux distro!

by Thom Holwerda on Mon 20th Dec 2004 21:34 UTC

Great to hear his health is improving at a rapid rate! Cheers!

Weird, just this morning I was wondering what his stats were...

v glad to hear it
by Nick on Mon 20th Dec 2004 22:08 UTC
Thank God
by slash on Mon 20th Dec 2004 22:18 UTC

Praise the Lord for his great recovery. Amen.

Good news indeed...
by MegaManXcalibur on Mon 20th Dec 2004 23:18 UTC

This is great news, I was getting worryied about good old Pat. But he seems to be pulling through, talk about good news right before Christmas.

I'm sure I speak of a lot of people when I say I'd really miss the main man behind my favorite Linux distro.

The Man is back !
by 3n1gm2 on Tue 21st Dec 2004 00:21 UTC

Great to hear this LEGEND of Linux world and author/maintainer one of the most stable/reliable/polished/popular distributions is back at good, at least much better, health !

Happy Xmas to everyone, extra for Pat and his family.

Glad to read
by noone cool on Tue 21st Dec 2004 02:01 UTC

Glad he is better. I havent used slackware in many years, but he deserved a high achievement award for sticking with it and giving so much to his community

Thank Bob
by Best on Tue 21st Dec 2004 04:02 UTC

We had some pretty dark momments on the #dropline channel, when we were worried that we'd not only have a desktop on our hands, but that we'd also quite possibly need to be taking a whole distro on our hands. It was great when we heard the news that Pat was feeling better and working on Slackware again.

Pat's always done a awesome job with Slackware, I'm really glad that he's going to keep going with Slackware. None of us want to see the end of an era.

Merry Christmas Pat!
by daijo on Tue 21st Dec 2004 08:16 UTC

I'm very glad to hear he's well. Keep up the good work on Slackware! I've been looking for alternatives but there are none:)

Happy holidays pat
by JoeV on Tue 21st Dec 2004 08:24 UTC

Nice to hear that he is back in Good Health. My best wishes for him for this season and for his contributions to the open source community.

by Erturk on Tue 21st Dec 2004 08:31 UTC

This news made my day!

First of all TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, Patrick !
by kill bill on Tue 21st Dec 2004 08:41 UTC

And then think about Slackware .Some of us can only help with good wishes in such situations . Big bear hugs for your great job .

Merry X-Mas Pat! :)
by Davide on Tue 21st Dec 2004 10:39 UTC

that's a good news indeed! Wish you the best x-mas and to be fully *reloaded* ;)
Keep up the great work, Pat!

Happy, but ...
by Dj Comidi on Tue 21st Dec 2004 10:57 UTC

Wonderful news, hearing Pat is doing much better!

But I hope Pat takes lessons out of this 'incident'.
If all your time is devoted to Slackware, and you don't care about your own health, this fact eventually will turn against you...

Slackware-updates are important, but so does Pat's health. I even consider the last one even more important.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
to Pat, his family, all the people who made him well
and of course all the Slackware users out there !

by Plague on Tue 21st Dec 2004 17:14 UTC

Awesome news!
I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried.

Merry Xmas and best of luck in the future!

Slackware is, and will probably always be, my absolute favorite distro.

As good a christmas present as any...
by Jon Perez on Mon 27th Dec 2004 19:22 UTC

is knowing that the Slackware tradition will live on. Woohoo! More power to Pat!

So what exactly was his condition and were his hypotheses based on his internet research correct?