Linked by Jeremy Friesner on Mon 12th Aug 2002 20:52 UTC
General Development Prologue by the editor-in-chief: "A bit more than two years ago, while I was still serving at BeNews, I asked Jeremy Friesner to write an article and present his cross-platform client-server messaging system for dynamic distributed applications, MUSCLE. Two weeks later, he came back to me with a multi-page article, explaining MUSCLE. To demonstrate the power of MUSCLE, Jeremy created a demo application based on it. The result was BeShare.
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A couple of points.
by Eugenia on Mon 12th Aug 2002 21:41 UTC

If the server's 4000 port is full and it doesn't let you play the game, try ports 4001 and 4002.
*More* servers are needed to host the game's server side!

New graphics are wanted. If you are a graphics artist, by all means, please change the graphics to something more pleasing (my version is not that good ;) ! (all gfx reside in the included .png file) ;)

a good read
by rain on Mon 12th Aug 2002 21:57 UTC

One of my many unfinished projects in my dev folder is a networked version of reversi (yeah I know that it's been done so many times before), and I've been thinking about picking it up again. This article game me a little more motivation to do so, and a lot of useful information. Thanks Jeremy!

My muscle server
by Beryllium on Mon 12th Aug 2002 22:11 UTC

I host a MUSCLE server at - primarily for BeShare users, but I guess other stuff would work fine too. ;)

I'd love to have some sort of Checkers/Battleship/TicTacToe/Connect Four/Literati (Yahoo! Scrabble) type package for users to play with. Probably wouldn't have much luck coding it on my own though ;)

Note regarding FRC and servers
by Jeremy Friesner on Mon 12th Aug 2002 22:20 UTC

It should be noted that FoxRabbitCarrot won't work properly on a "vanilla" MUSCLE server... it requires some custom server logic, and so you have to run the included customized server ("frcd") instead of the normal one ("muscled") if you want to host FoxRabbitCarrot games. (frcd should compile and run on any machine where muscled compiles and runs... in particular, the server machine does not need Qt support)

Nice work!
by Kevin on Mon 12th Aug 2002 23:18 UTC

Great article Jeremy! Very nice ;) I'm running a server at if anyone wants to connect.

Long article:-D
by Mariux on Tue 13th Aug 2002 01:06 UTC

Only wish i had the motivation to read the entire article thoroughly....

Read the article....
by Gavin on Tue 13th Aug 2002 01:43 UTC

Read the article? I've been too busy playing the game ;)

Jeremy rules!
by Joanna on Tue 13th Aug 2002 15:56 UTC

thanks for the article and cool game!