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OS/2 and eComStation eComStation 2.2 Beta has been released for eComStation software subscribers. The OS2World community is discussing the first impressions of the update on their forum.
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Comment by Drumhellar
by Drumhellar on Mon 25th Mar 2013 21:40 UTC
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The 90's called. They want their operating system back.

But seriously, I wonder what OS/2 would have become if it had the leadership position that Windows has had for the past 20 years.

Would there be both desktop/server versions? Would it be insanely overpriced?

Would MacOS X be on top again?


Or, would IBM have gotten the horrible UI issues that pop up in certain places ironed out, priced it reasonably, and the PC market would look nearly identical as it does now?

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RE: Comment by Drumhellar
by zizban on Tue 26th Mar 2013 00:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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Why, if you don't like something, do you bother posting? If you don't like ecomstation, just don't read and/or comment.

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RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar
by Ishan333 on Wed 27th Mar 2013 08:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Drumhellar"
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He ask valid question tho.

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Comment by BBAP
by Bringbackanonposting on Mon 25th Mar 2013 22:58 UTC
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Played with 2.1 a couple months ago after mucking around with OS2 4.1. eCS is definitely a big step over OS2 but gee wizz after using Linux for 10 years now full time it's tough to use again. We are way spoilt now days with Linux. Back then tinkering with OS2 for days was the way it was to be, now days we can get Linux set up and doing meaningful work in a couple hrs.
It would be great if Haiku or Syllable and such catch up so we can have something different. OS2/eCS is just too old hat now.

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RE: Comment by BBAP
by Chris_G on Tue 26th Mar 2013 13:39 UTC in reply to "Comment by BBAP"
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I've been using Haiku about half-time for about a month now. There are some strange glitches, but it's pretty darn close to being a serious option.

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Icon goodness..
by judgen on Tue 26th Mar 2013 02:05 UTC
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For anyone that just want the release notes and the changes:
ACPI, CUPS, PNG Desktop, RDP client, New WPA supplicant, and some other goodies.

Finally no need for buying 3d party software just to get prettier icons. (not that i do anyways but still it is a nice feature, and makes the desktop look a little friendlier and less pixelated.)

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eComStation supports ACPI standard
by e-co on Tue 26th Mar 2013 17:14 UTC
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New version of eComStation supports ACPI standard. The development of ACPI sub-system was started in 2005. Loong way..

You can run eComStation on modern hardware, here is the list of tested hardware --
Computers with Core 2 Duo, ATOM, Core i3/i5/i7..

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