Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 4th Jul 2003 03:55 UTC
Morphos The MorphOS/Pegasos Quickstart Guide written by Jürgen Lucas has updated to version 2.5. The guide shows you how to install MorphOS on Pegasos with an empty IDE hard drive. Thanks to Andreas Zierl and Fabrice Lehaut the guide is beside german also available in english and french.
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Community Support!
by bbrv on Fri 4th Jul 2003 05:13 UTC

Now that is what we would call SUPPORT!

Thanks Juergen! Thanks to you too, Andreas and Fabrice...:-)

Best regards,
Raquel and Bill

Re: Community Support!
by gary_c on Fri 4th Jul 2003 05:55 UTC

And just in time for me. Last night (between coordinating with family participants and locating ram, this thing has dragged on a bit) my 7-year-old and I finished connecting the components and powered up: success! A beautiful desktop. Next, we're on to the HD preparation, etc. So far this project is an interesting mix of nostalgia and modern. We're having fun.

-- gary_c

v Another strike against AOS4.0!
by Lightyears better on Fri 4th Jul 2003 09:25 UTC
Lightyears better, please.
by bbrv on Fri 4th Jul 2003 09:30 UTC

Hey Light'en up a bit Lightyears. We have a difficult time with Mike as seen here a couple of days ago, but let's take the direct personal attacks out of the equation. There is no reason to trash the thread with these kind of comments. Juegen and the guys who developed the guide deserve praise and suggestions here, not silly bickering.

Raquel and Bill

Nice guide.
by KCardoza on Fri 4th Jul 2003 10:01 UTC

Very informative. Since my next computer will be a Pegasos 2 with G4, and I'm going to have to learn yet another OS, it's good to have community support like this.

I just hope the nice folks at Pegasos will eventually be able to make G5 cards for their machine.

Dual-booting Gentoo and MorphOS on a G5 Pegasos... I drool at the thought...

...and while you are there
by Dave on Fri 4th Jul 2003 10:08 UTC

@Blightyears etter

You can quit with devisive comments like this:

"AOS4 will never come, morphos is the true light. "

Although the rest of your post made you sound demented so there is no chance people will take you seriously. What I get more concerned about is this deliberate attempt on *every* Pegasos/MorphOS to drag in AmigaOS4 and try to ridicule it. Can't we stick to just discussing Pegasos/MorphOS here and maybe the topic for once or do you feel that threatened by Amiga products? It would be nice if for once people stopped seeing this as some kind of religious crusade and as just products!


Good, readable guide.


Why Gentoo?

RE: ..and while you are there
by KCardoza on Fri 4th Jul 2003 10:34 UTC

Dave wrote:-----

Why Gentoo?

Because I *like* it. Do I really need another reason? I'm not some immture little l33t h4x0r sitting in his momma's basement posting crapola like "D00d! G3nt0o iz teh r0xx0r!!!1". I use it because I like it. You're welcome to use whatever you like, and I applaud you for it.

Simple, eh?

by Dave on Fri 4th Jul 2003 10:38 UTC

Of course that is a good enough reason, no need to be so damn prickly I just asked in case you had an interesting technical/useful insight into using Gentoo.

RE: Woooooaaaah!
by KCardoza on Fri 4th Jul 2003 10:49 UTC

I think you misread me. Picture me saying that with a sideways grin and humor in my voice, and you'll know how I meant it.

I wasn't being prickly. I was trying (And obviously failing) to be humorous/sarcastic.

makes the world go around
by Dave on Fri 4th Jul 2003 11:10 UTC

OK :-D

by bbrv on Fri 4th Jul 2003 11:35 UTC

Yes, we like Gentoo also.

The Gerk himself did the port...;-)

Upward and onward!



by Nate Downes on Sat 5th Jul 2003 15:20 UTC

I love Gentoo. Of course I'm biased, I supplied the kernel build for Gentoo back when they switched names from Enoch to Gentoo. I still have my old copy of it somewhere around here too.

I know, applying patches might not sound like great work, but can you imagine trying out *every* patch, testing every combo, to try and find the group of packages that worked just right?