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Slackware, Slax "The first thing that caught my eye about the Distrowatch announcement on the release of Slax 4.1.4 was that it included KDE 3.3 which had only been out a few weeks. I wanted to try out KDE 3.3 and a live CD like Slax is a great way to do it, so I went over to the Slax website to download the ISO." Read more here.
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Slax is cool :P
by Youlle on Fri 3rd Sep 2004 23:04 UTC

i've used slax as a quick linux liveCD, and i must say i like it, i still like to go back to my Full SuSE Install as it i feel more at home there but Slax is really good, im not sure if i hav the version with kde3.3 ill check now lol. but i think its a great liveCD distro.

I'll take this guys "work" anytime
by Anon Amos on Fri 3rd Sep 2004 23:16 UTC

Wow, how do you get this guy's life, anyway? He really doesn't push his computer very hard, so it isn't too suprising that there weren't many problems with his usage. I like Slax, too. But printing (not too many print filters included), lack of OpenOffice (for serious writing, KWrite is nice for short letters to Mom, but. . .) and Mozilla (Konq renders too many pages poorly) are problems. Still, next time I switch distros (Fedora Core 1 is feeling old), I would like to try Slackware again, and a hard disk install of Slax is a good beginning point. --AA

by Clinton on Sat 4th Sep 2004 01:21 UTC

This is the first I have heard of Slax. It sounds interesting so I will be downloading it after I type the last period of this post.

Slackware and Debian are my two favorite Linux distributions. I wish somebody would make a cool live CD using Debian.

RE: Slax
by ze on Sat 4th Sep 2004 01:38 UTC

Cool live CD using Debian??

Ever heard of Knoppix?

Live Debian
by Chris on Sat 4th Sep 2004 01:38 UTC

Knoppix is based on Debian.

Live Debian II
by Anonymous on Sat 4th Sep 2004 01:43 UTC

Mepis is nice too--it can be used as a live CD like Knoppix, and is even better suited to a HD install than it is.

Typo in article?
by Dustin D. Cook on Sat 4th Sep 2004 02:51 UTC

The kernel version the author lists is 2.4.8. I'm sure the author meant to type 2.6.8 (or possibly

RE: Type in article?
by volvoguy on Sat 4th Sep 2004 05:40 UTC

No, actually he is correct. Just two clicks away from the links provided in the artice you can read:

Linux Kernel 2.4.28-pre2 with SATA support

RE: Typo in article?
by Endymion on Sat 4th Sep 2004 07:15 UTC

yes, it's 2.4.28-pre2. the biggest reason for the lack of a 2.6.x kernel is that slax uses ovlfs, which allows for full "read/write" access to ALL areas of the file system. i put that in quotes because the actually writing goes to the ram... but the OS can't tell the difference. this allows for MUCH easier usage as a livecd (plus the ability to use modules--check out the slax page for that) than any of the knoppix-type ones do, where you can only write to your home directory.

185 meg on a 700 meg cd?
by Steffo on Sat 4th Sep 2004 08:30 UTC

If you have a cd that can store 700 megs why only load it with with 185 meg? You still have to carry the cd so it makes sense to cram in as much as possible.

On the other hand, it would be cool to load everything on a bootable usb-mem. OS and files on a small keychain...

RE: 185 meg on a 700 meg cd?
by Endymion on Sat 4th Sep 2004 08:34 UTC

one of slax's goals is to fit on one of those mini-cds. in doing such, it will also fit on a 256 meg usb drive--and many people have put it on one, it works so long as your motherboard will support it.

Nice compact distro
by jhart on Sat 4th Sep 2004 15:13 UTC

Impressive for such a small distro, is very responsive using the copytoram option, found my dsl connection with not problem (am using it now) and has a nice selection of programs.
Would however prefer firefox as the web browser.

RE: Nice compact distro
by Endymion on Sat 4th Sep 2004 17:01 UTC

the reason many people's favorite programs are missing is because there is already a KDE equivalant that is included "by default". konquer already has to be on the system, so you have a very, very usable browser. it would take up far too much space (remember, slax is staying mini-cd sized) to add a program that's mildly redundant.

one of the powerful features of slax that the author did not talk about is the ability to add modules. you can take a chunk of the filesystem (IE "installpkg -root /tmp/module/ package") and turn it into another filesystem image, which--if included on the cd in the /modules/ directory--will be added to the root file system at boot. if it is not added to the cd, then you can still add it from your hard drive or other medium after booting using the moduse command. since you can put multiple programs and included any needed libraries or what not in a single module, this makes adding programs to slax very easy. there is now also a section of the slax webpage for hosting user-made modules. if you want firefox, just download the firefox module! for LOTS more information, check out the slax forum.

by Fusca on Sat 4th Sep 2004 20:41 UTC

Hey... there's another live CD from Brazil (but based on Debian).
It boots from a 8 mm CD and run without HD.

Try it!

by aj on Sun 5th Sep 2004 00:42 UTC

This linux is just WOW the only thing I dislike about it was I do have sound and I would like to install it on my HD. It first linux I have try that is really stable in GUI lot of the time I try linux's and after using it for hour I start getting issue with it from SMB not working to large hardware issues. e.g Video card issues or my mouse not working after a reboot. Also it size is amazing.

by Clinton on Sun 5th Sep 2004 01:13 UTC

I have, and use it all the time (although I like Phlak better as far as live CDs go). I was joking.

dual partition CDRW disk?
by Jacob on Tue 7th Sep 2004 02:10 UTC

I have a feeling the 185Meg live iso is intended to be read-only, to save documents/settings/etc - would a second session on a CDRW (UDF format) be feasable?

My confusion lies in the initial phase of the disc, does the second session need to be mentioned within the 185Megs (specifically first few bits on disc)?

It would be VERY nice to have a UDF session on the same disc as the Live ISO. Other platforms could read your saved docs, and you still keep the original disc image.

I'll give this a shot, but I'm no expert.

by Corky2023 on Tue 7th Sep 2004 17:29 UTC

Is there some trick to burning it? I burned the ISO on a 185 MB CD, but it won't boot.