Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th May 2002 04:25 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Pepper is a great text editor for programmers whose main principle is to help its user be as productive as possible. A typical example of Pepper's innovations is the invention of the "Accelerator". The Accelerator allows you to enter text or code quickly with a simple keystroke. Hekkelman Programmatuur, the company behind Pepper, will give away for free a copy of Pepper 4 to a lucky OSNews reader. Pepper currently runs on MacOS/X, Windows2k/XP, while a release for Linux and FreeBSD (and possibly IRIX and Solaris) will be ready in the next few months. The winner will receive a "keycode" unlocking the software for all platforms. Read more to see how you can enter the competition. Update: Competition is now closed! Thanks everyone who participated!
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free editor for Linux????
by Zombiz on Mon 6th May 2002 09:49 UTC

Well, I don't know how good the Pepper editor is but Linux obviously has a lot of FREE/OPEN/GOOD editors.

...there's a platform missing...
by licht on Mon 6th May 2002 13:13 UTC

I bought the predecessor "Pe" for BeOS and am very satisfied with it. I'd again buy Pepper if it were available. Provided it offers a significant gain over "Pe" and its development is kept up...

Trying Pepper
by Gary Thom on Mon 6th May 2002 14:10 UTC

Downloaded Pepper, unfortunately without a kep you can't use it to evaluate the product.. What did I miss?


I use VIM
by mario on Mon 6th May 2002 14:46 UTC

I work in Linux and in Windows. On both platforms I use VIM. Actually, gvim.It has syntax highlighting for alot of programming languages, shellscripts included, virtually unlimited filesize, many other features.

RE: Trying Pepper
by Ben on Mon 6th May 2002 14:54 UTC

Just launch it, wait a couple of seconds,
and then close the registration pop-up. It'll work.

by Gary Thom on Mon 6th May 2002 15:13 UTC

I found it just after I sent the comment, don't press cancel, just the [X] box :-)

by stew on Mon 6th May 2002 15:50 UTC

It's not that much different from version 3.3.6 (except for the Windows port), is it? However, I couldn't see much to improve anyway - it's a good editor and the presence of a Windows version makes it even more attractive to me (poor cross-platform developer).

3.6 to 4.0 Differences
by WattsM on Mon 6th May 2002 16:25 UTC

No, it isn't very different externally. Internally there's a lot of changes. From a marketing perspective it probably should have been called 3.7, since it sounds like 4.1 will have more features. I think the program's author has always been a better programmer than a marketer, though.

As for competing on Unix platforms with high-quality free editors like NEdit, VIM and Emacs, it's a good question. I suspect Pepper purchases for those platforms will mostly be people who are used to the editor from BeOS or Mac (or perhaps Windows, now) and want to be using the same editor cross-platform. The main advantage of Pepper to me at this point is that it runs in the Aqua GUI well--Emacs and NEdit both require X, and VIM's Cocoa port is kind of wonky.

Pepper <em>does</em> have some cool features, most notably (to me) the non-modal search function and the different functions relating to marking lines.

I'll take the BeOS-Version of Pepper ;)
by LoCal on Mon 6th May 2002 17:21 UTC

Hehe, just kidding..... although I would love to update my Pe ;)

Well, it's nice to see Pepper coming to *nix, so I'll have Pepper @ wurq very soon.... and don't have to wait for my new PowerBook this summer.


Waiting for BeOS support
by h_ank on Mon 6th May 2002 19:37 UTC

I would gladly pay for an editor I could use for PHP/HTML on BeOS if it was more useful than Eddie. I _really_ love Eddie's FTP open/save features...

Arent we forgetting something?
by ruprecht on Mon 6th May 2002 23:03 UTC

xfte. xfte is the best damn editor there is. Plus, it runs on like every platform there is.

by gmlongo on Tue 7th May 2002 02:43 UTC

I have to disagree. I believe that jEdit is the best editor available. It will run on any platform that supports Java. has support for just about every editing mode known to man, has a ton of plugins (debugger, tabs, code reformatting, xml, ftp, drag & drop, visual diff tool, etc). And best of all, it is free and rapidly being improved. Check it out at


by CharlieG on Tue 7th May 2002 10:58 UTC almost great. Just a few usability and speed issues for it to overcome.

jEdit Speed
by gmlongo on Tue 7th May 2002 19:04 UTC

You are right that jEdit has some performance issues to overcome, but that is a swing problem, not really a jEdit issue. However, the performance seems to be improved when using JDK 1.4 which has many performance improvements compared to 1.3.


by LoCal on Tue 7th May 2002 19:56 UTC

Yup, JEdit is great. I use it currently at work with FreeBSD and Win2k. The performance is not that bad ;) And with SkinLF (Aqua) or Kunststoff it looks great