Linked by Jon Jensen on Mon 1st Oct 2001 11:29 UTC
General Unix Éric Lévénez created and maintains an excellent, detailed chart showing the history of UNIX through the marriages, divorces, births, and funerals of its family members. It includes events up through late September 2001. It's a great reference both for history and for seeing the major influences on current UNIX-derived OSes. Print it out on 13 letter-size pages and tape it up on your wall. His site has similar charts showing the history of Windows and the history of computer programming languages, also very fun and informative.
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MS-DOS 6.2 date..
by P.J on Mon 1st Oct 2001 20:40 UTC

As I remember, I was using MS-DOS 6.22 in Q1 of '93 for my BBS, not in '94. Any of you remember that? P.J

by Alex on Mon 1st Oct 2001 21:28 UTC

Just so you know, I saw that same UNIX chart at least a year ago. [In fact last night I was looking at the hard I copy I printed (to better view it) out last year.] Not that I mind, since many people probably have never seen it, but it's not 'new'. --A

Not old, but new...
by Jon Jensen on Mon 1st Oct 2001 21:40 UTC

No, it's not "new", since I pulled the link out of an email more than a year old. But it is new, in that there's up-to-date information. Most histories of Unix are written once and forgotten, and if you stop even as recently at 1999 or 2000, you're leaving out a lot. I'm impressed that Éric has kept all three of these histories so current, and that's why I wanted to share it with the world. Not old, but new...

Very nice!
by Kevin on Tue 2nd Oct 2001 19:29 UTC

Very nice! I like the tinelines alot...