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Amiga & AROS The AROS team posted its latest monthly update. Several applications were ported or updated, including Lunapaint (read an interview with the developer, or take a look at some screenshots), a Commodore 8bit emulator, and various CD/DVD burning tools. Other than that, various bugfixes and such have also been implemented. For some screenshots of new applications and AROS features check the AE Gallery.
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by nicholas on Thu 25th May 2006 16:22 UTC
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AFAIK Lunapaint wan't ported, it was developed on AROS for AROS.

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Great Work!
by transami on Thu 25th May 2006 17:46 UTC
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AROS is really coming along! Proof hwo Open Source can succeed while old duffy coporations lay waste to good techonology (do I need to name names?). AROS is nearing the point where I'm will to give it a partition on my hard drive. With a little more driver support and a port of Opera (*hint*) I could start using it regularly. Can't wait!

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AROS is gonna be king
by wonea on Thu 25th May 2006 21:33 UTC
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Yeap, AROS is good, and will be great in the near future.

I think after all the perseverance through years of slow progress, without taking into account components having to be engineered from scratch to truly make it free. Its finally gathering steam.

Running AROS natively is lovely. If you want to make AROS happen, donate and encourage the developers;

Check out the screenshots!

Don't think Opera will happen though. Things look more positive on the KHTML/Webcore/AWeb front.

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AROS is nice, give it a try
by nii_ on Fri 26th May 2006 01:37 UTC
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Give AROS a try, its nice, you can download it and then run it under Linux OS (i386-linux-system), FreeBSD (i386-freebsd-system) and will boot fresh from disk if you don't have either of these OSs.

A very quick run of the nightly-build binary is very easy indeed:

If running under X Windows, it would be nice (though not necessary) to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to include:

Option "backingstore"

in the Section "Device" part of the file, and then restart your X server.

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The real new Amiga
by SimpleMachine on Fri 26th May 2006 02:31 UTC
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I'm looking foward to Aros being my new Amiga on one of the X86 boxes I have around here.

Its getting pretty damn close!

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Does AROS run well in Parallels?
by BlackJack75 on Fri 26th May 2006 20:28 UTC
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I am just starting thinking that my upcoming MacBook Pro with parallels might just be the mother of all alternative OS testing boxes!

That's one of the things I missed most with my PPC mac, I just couldn't play with all those fun things: AROS, Syllable and so on.

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