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Window Managers Enlightenment has been released. "Fix window move through desk switch. Fix crash on opening certain dialogs when sound is enabled. Various minor bug fixes and enhancements." Get it from the Sourceforge project page.
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E17 vs. E16
by irbis on Tue 20th Feb 2007 21:54 UTC
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A bit out of topic maybe, but I wonder how many Enlightenment users actually still use the older 0.16 series of Enlightenment instead of the newer E17?

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RE: E17 vs. E16
by miserj on Tue 20th Feb 2007 23:26 UTC in reply to "E17 vs. E16"
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It's always an issue of stability and features.
They may have had to take out something or other or changed things around from a previous release.
It seems that E17 has been considered experimental for a long time now. Although I have used E17 and it seemed fine to me.

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Dead fish
by mwndk on Tue 20th Feb 2007 22:03 UTC
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For some reason, I thought enlightment was a dead fish.

But nice to see it is back, alive and kicking.

In old days (beginning of this millinnium) enlightment was the most eyekandyed dm of all. But nowadays I think this place is taken by compiz[];)

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RE: Dead fish
by sb56637 on Tue 20th Feb 2007 22:44 UTC in reply to "Dead fish"
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Yeah, Enlightenment is holding its own still. In fact I think it's becoming even more popular than it was, with Linux distros like Elive promoting it.

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RE: Dead fish
by DeadFishMan on Wed 21st Feb 2007 14:45 UTC in reply to "Dead fish"
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No, I am THE mighty DeadFish!!! XD

Now back to the topic...

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by HiThere on Wed 21st Feb 2007 05:16 UTC
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Nice to see they still put some effort in keeping e16 up to date. With the limited developers they have one would expect that they all dig in e17.

*salute* and thanks for the new release!

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Still using E17
by djame on Wed 21st Feb 2007 11:28 UTC
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(sorry, the title is wronf it's E16 of course ;)

Hi all,
to answer to the first user, I just want to say that I'm still using e16 in conjunction with gnome (I think it's 2.8 or 2.10) and it's just very fast..;
two little things I really like ; it's able to launch all the windowmaker docklet in the same way than windowmaker, it still has the rollup feature when you double click on the title...
the multiple screens are so handy (try to put one pdf in a screen and your latex editor in another and just drag the screen title to scroll the screen.... very amigaish and very efficient...
it's really easy to configure and more importantly very fast...
Forget to say that the shiny blue theme is very efficient in space saving .. I can't believe no one complained about the outrageous space taken bu the windows decoration in metacity or kwm....

Did I say that e16 is kde compliant ?

man I like this window manager so much...


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by Sphinx on Wed 21st Feb 2007 15:35 UTC
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Thanks for another great release bringing e17 ever closer. It's what the world is waiting for.

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Different Audiences
by Seth Quarrier on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 04:42 UTC
Seth Quarrier
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E16 and E17 I should think have very different audiences. E16 is a very stable and light wm by today's standards, whereas E17 is flashy, relatively heavy and new. I suspect that E16 had a similar appeal to E17 when it was first released but today they are at the opposite ends of the sexy scale not that there is anything wrong with either of them, it just strikes me as interesting.

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