Linked by Thom Holwerda on Wed 18th Feb 2009 10:19 UTC
BSD and Darwin derivatives Th DragonFly BSD team has released DragonFly BSD 2.2. The biggest improvement in this release is that the HAMMER filesystem is considered production ready, but there is a whole boatload of other improvements as well.
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HAMMER is nice
by kragil on Wed 18th Feb 2009 10:32 UTC
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I really wish it would be ported to other platforms, because Dragonfly is not my cup of tea.

I know it wouldn't be easy, but Matt seems to be very supportive.

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RE: HAMMER is nice
by reez on Wed 18th Feb 2009 11:07 UTC in reply to "HAMMER is nice"
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Yeah, it would be nice if it would become the ZFS or the UFS successor for BSD. Maybe a FUSE version would be a good idea to make it more widely used. Of course, this can't substitute a native version.

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RE[2]: HAMMER is nice
by poundsmack on Wed 18th Feb 2009 16:36 UTC in reply to "RE: HAMMER is nice"
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I wouldn't say that HAMMER would be a good replacement for ZFS (though I haven't done extensive testing of HAMMER like I have of ZFS), but it is a good file system. here are teh baisc goals of HAMMER

Instant or nearly-instant mount. No fsck needed on crash recovery.
• Full history retention with easy access, via the live file-system. That means
being able to CD into snapshots of the file-system and being able to access
previous versions of a file (or directory tree), whether they have been
deleted or not.
• Good performance.
• Queue-less, incremental mirroring.
• Ability to re-optimize the layout in the background, on the live file-system.
• No i-node limitations.
• Extensible media structures to reduce compatibility issues as time
• Support for very large file-systems (up to 1 exabyte)
• Data integrity checks, including high-level snapshot tar md5s.
• Not hamstring a clustered implementation, which has its own list of
• Not hamstring a remote access implementation.

more info here:

I will do a comparison between ZFS and HAMMER later in the week.

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RE[3]: HAMMER is nice
by reez on Wed 18th Feb 2009 23:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: HAMMER is nice"
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two good things about HAMMER:
It's a clearer, simpler design and not as complex, as ZFS.

It doesn't suck up as much memory, as ZFS.

If you compare how long the development of these two file systems took and how many problems the ZFS port of FreeBSD had I would say it's the BSD ZFS.

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The user space approach ..
by fithisux on Wed 18th Feb 2009 13:22 UTC
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for Firewire/USB/Bluetooth seems promising

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Looking forward to this release...
by foldingstock on Wed 18th Feb 2009 20:35 UTC
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I have been looking forward to a stable release of the HAMMER filesystem. I will be trying it out when I get some free time.

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Downloading Now!
by bsd_geek on Thu 19th Feb 2009 20:47 UTC
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Great! I haven't really had time to play with DragonflyBSD anymore, but I used to use it quite a bit for random odd jobs. Time to upgrade and get involved again.

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