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Amiga & AROS Icaros Desktop 1.1.1 has been released. Icaros Desktop is a distribution of the AROS operating system. "This newer version provides the latest system files, including the newer ata.device from Neil Cafferkey, which fixes many incompatibility issues and should help people who couldn't try AROS before, to boot it on their computers. This new releases includes also an improved version of the OWB browser and fixes some system issues encountered with the 1.1 release. For this reason, this update is available in two versions: an update CD for Icaros Desktop 1.1 users and a complete full live! DVD for new users."
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Temporarily pulled back
by dylansmrjones on Thu 30th Apr 2009 21:45 UTC
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The update is temporarily pulled back due to ATA-issues with a wide range of chipsets. A new release should be out in a few days.

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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Fri 1st May 2009 01:31 UTC
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Man, I'd love them to release a version of AROS for netbook's because it would really fly on the machine - and have an awesomely easy to use operating system.

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RE: Comment by kaiwai
by gabrielwalker on Sun 3rd May 2009 00:11 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Did you follow the link at all?

It shows the OS running on an Acer Aspire One. Aka, a netbook. ;)

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RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai
by bornagainenguin on Mon 4th May 2009 10:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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gabrielwalker posted...

Did you follow the link at all?

A better question would be to ask whether you did?

gabrielwalker posted...
It shows the OS running on an Acer Aspire One. Aka, a netbook. ;)

And perhaps to ask if your reading comprehension is lacking? The article clearly states the Aspire One is running QEMU--which is short for Quick Emulator! I'm pretty sure most of us don't consider that to be native.


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available again
by paolone on Fri 1st May 2009 12:17 UTC
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Hi, Icaros 1.1.1 is now available again. Sorry for the little delay, but we had to fix a very nasty bug we didn't find during testing. Now everything is OK.

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