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Linux Splashtop OS, previously only available via OEM machines, today released its operating system to the general public. "Splashtop Inc, the worldwide leader in instant-access computing, today announced the immediate availability of Splashtop OS , a lightweight, web-centric operating system optimized for notebooks and netbooks. First introduced as a beta last November, Splashtop OS is a browser-based 'companion OS' that co-exists with the Windows operating system."
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by sorpigal on Fri 25th Feb 2011 11:51 UTC
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$title =~ s/Splastop/Splashtop/;

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RE: Typo
by Neolander on Fri 25th Feb 2011 20:35 UTC in reply to "Typo"
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Corrected. We got signal.

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requires windows?
by theeil on Sat 26th Feb 2011 03:12 UTC
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I can only find an EXE install file download...

I had an older version of this that came with my motherboard, but it couldn't get the resolution right.

These days, I spend more of my boot time waiting for the BIOS than loading arch + xfce anyway ;)

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RE: requires windows?
by Morgan on Sat 26th Feb 2011 05:56 UTC in reply to "requires windows?"
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I had an HP mini netbook that came with HP's branded version called QuickWeb. It was enabled/disabled via a Windows executable and as far as I could tell that was the only way to install it.

It was pretty nice all things considered, and I absolutely loved the skin/theme.

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by Morgan on Sat 26th Feb 2011 10:49 UTC
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Okay so the Splashtop compatibility list is pretty specific: HP laptops and netbooks, and just a few models. Since I'm using an HP slimline desktop, I figured it might at least boot for me. Nope, didn't happen. It installed just fine, and when I rebooted and got past the Grub boot menu -- I dual boot Linux, of course -- into the Windows 7 loader, I was given a choice (via Windows' boot menu) of 7 or Splashtop. When Splashtop is chosen, it boots to a graphical something; my monitor changes modes, and I see a mouse cursor for a split second. Then it reboots the computer. Oh well.

I had high hopes too, as all of my hardware apart from the onboard video (Nforce 6 series) is fully supported by open drivers, including the HP-branded Ralink wifi card. The irony of a Linux distro unable to boot on highly OSS-friendly hardware is not lost on me. The fact that it is only installable via a closed Windows executable really drives it home.

I wonder if it will like VirtualBox or VirtualPC...

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RE: Compatibility?
by onetimeposter on Mon 28th Feb 2011 09:38 UTC in reply to "Compatibility?"
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Okay so the Splashtop compatibility list is pretty specific: HP laptops and netbooks, and just a few models.

Web site reads: "UPDATE: A new Splashtop OS has just been released to allow installation on a much broader range of devices and platforms. If your device is not one of the currently supported platforms listed above, you can still install and try Splashtop OS – you will be given a pre-boot menu (...)"

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RE[2]: Compatibility?
by Morgan on Tue 1st Mar 2011 04:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Compatibility?"
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Pardon me if this comes across as rude, but what exactly is your point? I am fully aware that they encourage people to try out new platforms, which I did. My reason for mentioning the compatibility list was to provide a reference for my surprise at it not working on the HP desktop unit I tested it on, given that desktop's similar specs and hardware components to some of the supported laptops, not to mention branding.

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This sucks...
by rorschach on Sun 27th Feb 2011 13:42 UTC
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1. Many problems so far.
2. Very specific hardware.
3. Requires Windows to install (oh my...)
4. "Benefits: The perfect Windows Companion"

Enough said.

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by dominik.holler on Sun 27th Feb 2011 18:47 UTC
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Is there a bootable disk image available?

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