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Apple A new chapter in the lost iPhone 5 prototype saga. Sergio Calderon, the man who claimed he was intimidated into allowing police officers to search his house (and, as it turns out, these people were Apple employees who didn't identify themselves as such), is talking to an attorney about this case. In addition, the SFPD has launched an investigation into the case to find out if somebody crossed any legal bounds. Update: More details here.
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Poor Apple
by Phloptical on Sat 10th Sep 2011 13:52 UTC
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Corporate Rule #1 - Keep track of your IP.

Prototype iPhone 4 - Lost (just before release)
Prototype iPhone 5 - Lost (just before release)

Is the Apple marketing hype machine getting lazy? They've resorted to much publicized "oops, I lost it" stories to peddle their up and coming wares?

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Watch out for a SF probe
by jefro on Sun 11th Sep 2011 15:28 UTC
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A probe always means they will do nothing.

It is a technical term for going to get doughnuts.

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