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Games This is massively off-topic since we barely cover the video game industry on OSNews, but in select cases, I'm willing to make exceptions. I just got home from picking up my pre-order copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition (Xbox 360), and just want to gloat a little bit for all the peasants among us that won't get it until Thursday or Friday. You can imagine OSNews will be shutting down for the coming, oh, seven months or so.
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Is it an action RPG?
by kragil on Tue 8th Nov 2011 15:23 UTC
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I hate the detached action of the PC version of Dragon Age (Xbox is a bit better). The only "RPG"s I like are Biowares (Only played Jade Empire & the Mass Effects).

Atm I play Dead Space 1 .. and so far it has been OK.

Only game I look forward to this year is Batman AC.

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RE: Is it an action RPG?
by fran on Tue 8th Nov 2011 16:03 UTC in reply to "Is it an action RPG?"
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Yip, it is an open world action RPG.
Challenging, long and immersive.

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big fan of the Elder Scrolls series
by Nich on Tue 8th Nov 2011 16:36 UTC
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been a fan since ES-III Morrowind . bought a new computer for that one and modded it for years . With ES-IV Oblivion cam another new computer but less modding .

Now i find myself in desperate need of a new computer with proper specs to run the latest ES-V Skyrim .


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by anevilyak on Tue 8th Nov 2011 21:37 UTC
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You can imagine OSNews will be shutting down for the coming, oh, seven months or so.

I would've thought Dark Souls would already have achieved that ;)

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RE: Oh?
by Carewolf on Wed 9th Nov 2011 21:08 UTC in reply to "Oh?"
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Isn't Dark Soul a console game?

And yes, I mean that as a bad thing and as a fact ;)

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RE[2]: Oh?
by anevilyak on Thu 10th Nov 2011 15:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Oh?"
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Yes, but depending on how long you've been around, you might recall that Thom was absolutely hooked on its predecessor.

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