Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 16th Nov 2001 23:04 UTC
Multimedia, AV The weekend is ahead and the day of relaxing from coding furiously all week, should also be near. Given that most OS coders love sci-fi, here are some sci-fi movie and TV news: One of the most highly anticipated new sci-fi series, a revival of 70s cult classic Battlestar Galactica, has been shelved after director Bryan Singer jumped ship to direct 'X-Men 2'.
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by Peter Moore on Sat 17th Nov 2001 09:28 UTC

thanks Eugenia. yet another reason to read OSNews ;)
i was hoping that there would be a second X-Men as i really enjoyed the first and i hope that Galactica gets off the ground.

excellent news on X-Men 2
by Wolverine on Sat 17th Nov 2001 10:27 UTC

I'm pleased to hear about X-Men 2. I did use to like Galactica so I still hope that it gets through finally (and No, I did not like the 1980 Galactica stupidity they did, that gets erased out of living history). This week I received the DVD of the X-Men movie and I tell you it's really great.

There are so many extras on the disk it takes more than an hour to go through the extras alone, let alone the movie. Well worth the money. You even get to see covers of the comic book, Stan Lee himself is interviewed. There is even a 'Fox News special' extra - Mutant Watch giving you a 'live' report from the 'US senate'.. Great stuff. Many trailers, cut footage which you can see as part of the movie or on its own... Well worth the price of the disk on its own.

Wesley's back!!!
by Yama on Sat 17th Nov 2001 15:48 UTC

How could you ignore the most important news about Star Trek X: Wil Wheaton (, AKA Wesley Crusher, is back! Sure, we all hated Wesley, but Wil is a cool guy and he deserves a better send-off than he received in ST: TNG season 4.

With Singer being the driving force behind Battlestar Galactica, what did he expect to happen to it when he abandoned ship? Obviously he expects X-Men II to be better for his career than a Galactica revival, but this just shows us how committed he really was to the project in the first place... an act that might work against his future business deals... kind of like Be Inc.'s jumping from target to target... heh heh...

Hated X-Men, but...
by Jim on Mon 19th Nov 2001 12:42 UTC

Well, I thought X-Men was a steaming pile, but I did enjoy Galactica when I was a kid. It might be interesting to see it come back. Hopefully, it will be a little more intelligent than it was.