Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 9th Feb 2005 21:13 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we are very happy to feature an interview with Aaron Hillegass, the famous tech instructor from the Big Nerd Ranch. We have reviewed his Mac OS X books in the past and this time we are going to talk about the actual process of the classes going on in the ranch every so often.
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Big Nerd
by Cheapskate on Wed 9th Feb 2005 22:01 UTC

is he a tall bird covered in yellow feathers, sometimes seen on PBS television???

Found it
by Thavith on Wed 9th Feb 2005 22:21 UTC

I knew there was something good about living in America ;-)
Hey Aaron, if you read this, start a ranch down is Australia ;-)

For those unfamiliar with Aaron
by Marc J. Driftmeyer on Thu 10th Feb 2005 00:27 UTC

Met him back at NeXTWORLD when he was working for Eiffel 1994. Then in 1996 ran into him again as the lead trainer for Professional Services at NeXT. Thanks for selling me your Renderman Book Aaron. You always through good parties--brownies, karaokee and whatnot.

I'm happy you found your domain in Georgia. From one NeXT alum to another watching you teach the tools along-side a few others was simply amazing. Your grasp of such topics is very humbling.

Still I gotta say some of the best times were hanging out in the company kitchen and rec-room where foosball was the game.

When I get more proficient I'll eventually take your course. I don't want to waste your time or others who don't need to be slowed down by my questions.

Apache class was spot on!
by Nathan Anderson on Thu 10th Feb 2005 15:58 UTC

I love how Big Nerd Ranch gets *very* good SME's to teach the classes. Apache, for example, was taught by Rich Bowen. I *highly* recommend these classes for a very intense, focused view of the material at hand!

Nerd's down under
by Duncan Campbell on Thu 10th Feb 2005 23:57 UTC

I second the comment about opening a Ranch in Australia - there is NOTHING here in Sydney for a beginner cocoa developer...

I'm in 2 minds to start my own user-group - 'cept of course I don't know cocoa.. :-)

Great class!
by Dr. Scott Steinman on Wed 16th Feb 2005 08:11 UTC

I took Aaron's Cocoa Bootcamp class a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I had already read his book. There's nothing like being immersed in a subject without any distractions. I'm looking forward to attending another class in the future.