Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 16th Mar 2004 21:10 UTC
Zeta yellowTAB is pleased to inform its customers that ServicePack 3 for Zeta RC1 is now available for download for registered customers.
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by jeanmarc on Tue 16th Mar 2004 21:24 UTC

If you get the error:
"Could not open 'rc1-update3-20040314'. (Missing symbol 'GetCipherByName_C8cFactoryPCc')"
remove in /boot/home/config/lib the library "".

could someone explain?
by rain on Tue 16th Mar 2004 22:10 UTC

I never really go why the released RC1 and then servicepacks for RC1 to make it exactly the same as RC2. Why didn't they just provide the people who bought RC1 with RC2?
Besides, I never really got why they call it RC either. Isn't release candidates supposed to be finished products which only needs final testing? Zeta RC 2 is beta quality at best, nowhere near a finished product.

v Re: could someone explain?
by Anonymous on Tue 16th Mar 2004 22:13 UTC
v here I go again
by pjm on Tue 16th Mar 2004 22:37 UTC
RE: could someone explain?
by loll on Tue 16th Mar 2004 23:29 UTC

it advises to install RC2 on new partition and to not update any rc1 disk... maybe this is a good reason ;-)

RE: libcrypto
by Begasus on Wed 17th Mar 2004 02:20 UTC

No need to delete .. just rename the to libcrypto.old ... works fine too.

RE: here I go again
by Pakdawg on Wed 17th Mar 2004 02:31 UTC


I'm not saying you're wrong - I'm just saying it looks like the best thing we've got!

The real issue
by mike on Wed 17th Mar 2004 04:13 UTC

is whether or not Yellowtab has the source to do any *real* updates

re: The real issue
by rain on Wed 17th Mar 2004 04:53 UTC

They don't have the sourcecode OK? Even my dog realize that.

If they had the sourcecode they would have changed a lot of things allready. They would have compiled new widgets for example. And a few more drivers would be included as well.

RE: re: The real issue
by Kaya on Wed 17th Mar 2004 09:24 UTC

I guess they don't have the manpower and/or know-how for major updates. For new drivers, they don't need the source-code of the kernel, plus there are many open source drivers that can be used as a skeleton for developing new drivers. But YT isn't that active in that area, simply because they have other (partly strange) priorities.

What I dislike most is that Zeta has too much bloat, too many redundant apps.

But: The SVG renderer seems to be much faster now, especially the start-menu isn't slow any more at all (Dual P2-333). But currently I don't have enough time to play around with Zeta. If it had hardware OpenGL the situation might be different, then I might try to develop on Zeta...

RE: re: The real issue
by rain on Wed 17th Mar 2004 10:00 UTC

I know that you don't need the sourcecode to develop drivers. But the thing is that Be had some unreleased drivers like the Matrox RainbowRunner driver that developed for them. A driver I have been waiting for for years.
Anyhow, if YT had the source, they would most likely have compiled those drivers.

have fun
by snyd on Wed 17th Mar 2004 13:43 UTC

This is a 99 Euro bebits apps beta test for the next years. Nothing else. The R1 we will see 2006 or later will look like a Linux distro. Mozilla, maybe OpenOffice and Gimp will be the only usable apps - why zeta. here are no native beos apps in this system anymore. Zeta is gone more and more away from the beos way.