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OSNews, Generic OSes A preview of the 0.7 release of Visopsys is now available from the preview page. The page is light on details of the new technical features such as JPEG, 64-bit disk, UDF, and GPT support but provides screenshots and a breakdown of the updated look of Visopsys. As always you can try the OS from the 'live' CD image (and yes, after 10 years of development, there's still a basic version that fits on a floppy).
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by Tanner on Tue 5th Feb 2008 21:57 UTC
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I'm following Visopsys for a long time..
I find quite interesting to see a one-man project being developed over and over... Congrats!

I think that he should use Oxygen Icons or something standardized... In order to help himself focusing on technical aspects of the OS.

Font Rendering, Icons, Vector Graphics: if I could be able to develop a OS, I would use the most of the available technologies and libraries already done by others to fill the gap. I wouldnt try to do all by myself... This will not lead anywhere, IMHO.

Sorry for bad english.

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RE: Yeah
by Lipatov Kirill on Wed 6th Feb 2008 10:45 UTC in reply to "Yeah"
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Oh, I agree that Andrew McLaughlin makes a great work. He is a very strong man.
It is interesting fact that this icons was maded by me for Visopsys v0.63! But Andy told me that he will use them only inly in Visopsys v0.70. And he kept his word. Thanks.
P.S. Now I'm a designer of KolibriOS project.

Good luck to him!

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