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Hardware, Embedded Systems In the future people may interact with computers via a touchscreen or voice commands, but presently, keyboards are still one of the major ways to interact with a computer. The Tech Report has acquired a modern buckling spring keyboard, the Das Keyboard Professional, for review. Being a hardware review site, they have to compare the Das Keyboard Professional against something, so Cyril pits it against his personal Model M.
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The Das keyboard does not use BS
by Shane on Wed 14th Jan 2009 01:40 UTC
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The Das keyboard does not use buckling springs.

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Real, modern Buckling Spring Keyboards
by kev009 on Wed 14th Jan 2009 05:13 UTC
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These guys bought the old IBM/Lexmark design:

More about the Model M than you ever want to know:

I have two Trackpoint IV (M13) Model M, one black and one beige. Nothing since compares!

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Banking on nostalgia
by stabbyjones on Wed 14th Jan 2009 05:52 UTC
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I think i'd be in the target market because i really love that sound from older keyboards and hate using laptop keyboards. Now keys are half the size they should be and i don't hear anywhere enough click.

The big problem is that i don't spend $130 on keyboards. I'm not going to spend money that could be spent on ram or hard drives to go back to being 5 yrs old.

I'm currently using a 1993 IBM beige keyboard and unfortunately das keyboard hasn't proven better than it.

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TML: Too Many Links
by fresch on Wed 14th Jan 2009 11:09 UTC
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Please... we have been there before, but I'll start another iteration of it:
Four links in one sentence? Please don't abuse hyperlinks!

One link per sentence, one sentence for the site that did the review, one sentence for the review itself... that's the way it should have been.

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Comment by fresch
by fresch on Wed 14th Jan 2009 11:14 UTC
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Why are almost all new keyboards either black or glossy!?
Ever tried to read the labels on the keys in a low-light situation? For god sake, there was actually a reason why the keyboards used to be grayish/beige:
It is easier on the eyes when looking from the monitor directly to the keyboard... high contrast changes strain the eyes a lot more, and those of us already looking at monitors all day long should be grateful and concious about any ever so slight improvement of ergonomics.

Of course this obviously doesn't apply if you are an expert touch-typist... or use an unlabeled keyboard

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RE: Comment by fresch
by _xmv on Wed 14th Jan 2009 12:08 UTC in reply to "Comment by fresch"
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black glossy and with backlights ;)
i'm using the logitech illuminated keyboard which is just like that
looks good but also works when its dark. Not that i really look at the keys anyway [it could be blank really], but, happens for F-keys e.g.

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WIll any of these work on Mac?
by Gryzor on Wed 14th Jan 2009 15:54 UTC
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and what happens to the "CMD" key?

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