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Like LOL, like, entrenched in all kinds of sentences, used subconsciously, and difficult to parse the real meaning of without careful consideration, has all the hallmarks of a piece of grammar - specifically, in the pragmatic department, modal wing. One thing making it especially clear that the new like is not just a tic of heedless, underconfident youth is that many of the people who started using it in the new way in the 1970s are now middle-aged. People's sense of how they talk tends to differ from the reality, and the person of a certain age who claims never to use like "that way" as often as not, like, does - and often. As I write, a sentence such as There were like grandparents and like grandkids in there is as likely to be spoken by a forty-something as by a teenager or a college student. Just listen around the next time you're standing in a line, watching a talk show, or possibly even listening to yourself.

Great article.

Just goes to show how complex and deep language can be. This is a good, detailed article on the changing use of the word "like", which, despite its length, doesn't even touch upon another now-common use of the word "like" that has even transcended borders and languages: Facebook's "like", which has become a noun in several languages - including my own - and carries with it a new verb meaning: to click that particular Facebook button.

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Comment by judgen
by judgen on Wed 30th Nov 2016 23:48 UTC
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I will forever consider it a mental tick, and people doing it super annoying.

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RE: Comment by judgen
by shotsman on Thu 1st Dec 2016 07:10 UTC in reply to "Comment by judgen"
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When someone talks to me using 'Like' all the time I tend to switch off.
Sometimes I simply respond with something slightly sarcastic. For example:-

"Like what? Like a <insert appropriate noun here>"
I think 'dog turd' is a good response. That seems to concentrate their mind a bit.

Often I just ignore what they are saying.

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RE[2]: Comment by judgen
by darknexus on Thu 1st Dec 2016 13:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by judgen"
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Agreed. I won't say I'm perfect and never use it--I'm sure I do--however I try my hardest not to. The problem with people who do it so frequently is that they take twice as long to say something. I work with some people who, like, no joke like, don't know like how to like turn on a like computer like. Usually they have a lot of "um" in there too and yes, I do get impatient with them. It's annoying. Period.

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And also...
by Drunkula on Thu 1st Dec 2016 13:56 UTC
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Like is up there, right with "you know." I can't stand either!

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