Linked by Dan Gonzalez on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:03 UTC
FreeBSD Version 1.1 of FreeSBIE, a FreeBSD Live CD, was released last week, and here's a first look. Update: Screenshots via
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Now I must try FreeSBIE
by Brian N on Mon 20th Dec 2004 19:13 UTC

A useful mini review and I liked his style of writing. FreeSBIE 1.1 is installable to disk, but a feature I really like is that FreeSBIE also has tools to make a new live CD from your hard disk just like PCLinuxOS P7,P8. I was just making an order for latest CDs from BudgetLinuxCDs and now I must add FreeSBIE.

Brian N

by netscreener on Mon 20th Dec 2004 19:55 UTC
monitoring util
by Reader on Mon 20th Dec 2004 22:09 UTC

Does anyone know what is the program that prints these monitoring information of the desktop? Apart from superkaramba is there another one?
Sorry if I am out of context I am trying to make my freebsd desktop look nice...

by Thom Holwerda on Mon 20th Dec 2004 22:15 UTC

Wow I'm currently on FreeSBIE, posting this, and I must say I'm very much amazed at the sheer beauty and elegence of all this-- autoconfig was smooth, and errorless. Great stuff!

I had the CD lying around for a while now, but it wasn't up untill now that I had some time to try it out. Should've done it earlier!

re: monitoring util
by Anonymous on Mon 20th Dec 2004 22:29 UTC

You are probably talking about gtkrellm or gdesklets. dont know if its available on freebsd thou. I am only using Linux

RE: monitoring util
by Joe Drago on Mon 20th Dec 2004 23:02 UTC

Currently running FreeBSIE out of curiosity, and it looks like the program that is running is called "torsmo". I killed it and reran it ... yep.

It's using torsmo for the upper right meters, gkrellm for the left side, and idesk for the icons on the desktop.

Kinda neat, but nothing wows me too much. I'm gonna dig a bit, but I don't see the huge draw to it over my cute Arch install. :-p

We have another...
by Guillermo García Rojas on Mon 20th Dec 2004 23:26 UTC

You should try BSDeviant:, In this moment it's down, I don't know if the project is dead, but is the best FreeBSD-based Live CD I've ever tried. It's under 210 Mb. I think its better than FreeSBIE.

by jmich on Tue 21st Dec 2004 02:55 UTC

I have a little problem with the sound when I installed it on my hardisk. There's none! ;) However, when booting directly from the CD, I can play my mp3s. I didn't look for the problem, don't have the time yet. My sound is an AC97, btw.

looks cool but fails
by kappy on Tue 21st Dec 2004 04:28 UTC

This cd looks cool, but it utterly fails on my test system. I believe the problem is due to drivers not working with the inteli810 video system (beos fails for the same reason).

RE - looks cool but fails
by Pete9 on Tue 21st Dec 2004 05:33 UTC

See paragraph at: for info on the i810 chipset and Free BSD.

re: re: monitoring util
by Anonymous on Tue 21st Dec 2004 09:55 UTC

"You are probably talking about gtkrellm or gdesklets. dont
know if its available on freebsd thou. I am only using Linux"

Yes, various gtkrellm tools are availabe for *bsd users. You can search the ports collection:

Here are the search results in the ports collections based on
"GKrellM". I believe that the orginal posting has a typing error. It is "GKrellM" not "gtkrellm".

Dont forget to check out the fluxbox handbook (slit):

Enjoy your new desktop.

Wont boot
by Cheapskate on Tue 21st Dec 2004 13:44 UTC

kernel panic, for some reason unknown to me BSD does not like my hardware...

Follow-up review?
by A Dual Booter on Tue 21st Dec 2004 15:53 UTC

I'd be interested to see how FreeSBIE performs on a more modern machine. Perhaps a follow-up review? Or maybe I'll just try it myself...

by DJP on Tue 21st Dec 2004 16:50 UTC

Hurray, booting from the cd was great, everything detected, so i decided to use the installer script and boot again.

Mousewheel not working anymore. And where the **** is that xorg configuration file located? Certainly not in etc/x11
Sound also not working anymore. A great distro untill you make the mistake of trusting it and installing it on your harddisk.
It also screwed up my ntfs partitions, thank you very much.

RE: Great
by dave on Tue 21st Dec 2004 22:25 UTC

My apologies for your ntfs partition destroied, but not all users out there are thinking that this is wrong ;)
Anyway, /scripts dir in cdrom is not copied when you launch bsdinstaller (a last-hour-bug), so if you copy this dir in your ex-ntfs partition, you'll have all freesbie staff your girlfriend loves ;)